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The appointment of new professors President of the Republic Added:7.12. 2010
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The appointment of new professors President of the Republic

Press news

On Wednesday 8 December called Czech President Vaclav Klaus, 76 new professors at Czech universities. The ceremony appointing new professors will be held this afternoon at 15:00 pm in the Great Hall of the Carolina in Prague.

The presence of the Rector Professor, University of Pardubice. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, PhD. officially assume the professorial decree from President Vaclav Klaus also ** two newly appointed professors of the University of Pardubice **.

On the proposal of the Scientific Board of the University of Pardubice will be appointed professor

  • ** Professor. Ing. Kavička Anthony, Ph.D. Study for Technology and Management in Transport and Telecommunications **. Professor Kavička acts as head of the Department of Software Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Pardubice
  • ** Professor. Ing. Jaroslav Novak, PhD. the field of transport means and infrastructure **. Professor Smith works at the Department of Electrical, electronics and safety equipment in the transport of Jan Perner Transport Faculty, University of Pardubice.

Professors named after the Higher Education Act, the president of the Scientific Board of High School by the Rector of the College Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. Appointment of President of the Republic is held twice a year.

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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