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With the Portuguese for a certificate Added:5.1. 2011
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With the Portuguese for a certificate

Now everyone can speak English, every other Spanish, German or Russian one. Any language in addition to value and include, but if those who govern fluent Portuguese, do not hesitate to affirm their knowledge of a paper certificate. What are the options?

In the Portuguese case, the situation is much different from other foreign languages. You can choose between the state language exam and an international certificate, issued by the Portuguese Camões Institute.

1) The state exam

„Final examination“ The school provides a state language examinations of Prague. You can choose – as with other languages ​​- basic level (small statesmen, B2) or general (great statesmen, C1) or. choose a specific focus on interpreting or translating (C2, a prerequisite is already successfully attended a general level). The test is, unfortunately, but recognized elsewhere than in the Czech Republic. The examinations are usually open by the May and November. Each level has a written and oral (language school informs you of the detailed requirements for each test). Prices range from 3.000 to 6.000 CZK.

2) International Certificate

International certificates for proof of knowledge of Portuguese a certain level gives the Portuguese Centre (part Camõesova Institute). The test is called Lingua Português Estrangeira (PLE) and has five levels, from A2 to C2 (according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages). Prices range between 70 and 125 €. Examinations are held 4 times a year (January, May, July, November). Even the international tests are divided into written and oral. On „this link“:…ni_testy.php find model tests.

Come meet bright tomorrows with a certificate in your pocket!

Why take a certificate?

  • Can you help with entrance exams for college
  • Can you help with a job interview
  • Portuguese is the official language in 8 countries
  • Portuguese is the 6th most common language of the world

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