The Senate approved the proposal to repeal the state exam, is now awaiting the verdict of Parliament and Government Added:9.12. 2010
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The Senate approved the proposal to repeal the state exam, is now awaiting the verdict of Parliament and Government

The upper chamber of the Czech Parliament approved on a vote of 9 December a proposal to repeal the state graduation, which should take place in the spring of 2011. To draft the Senate went into effect, it must still support the government and the Chamber of Deputies of the CR. Whether that happens, it is not clear, as well as whether it manages to be discussed before the start of final exams period.

Under the proposal submitted by the Senate is Senator Marcel Chladek CSSD. According to him, the project is not only overpriced, but also administratively difficult, opaque and largely non-functional as well. The introduction of state graduation he would rather lead to a lower level of secondary schools and school-leaving examinations, the content is not in his view, still no errors. They have indeed revealed itself state graduation rehearsal in the fall of this year. Its organizers wanted it but before it starts „for real“, and learn the basis of the results they intend to modify its concept of itself as an organization (such as contracting and training of zevrubnějším test evaluators, facilitating recording forms or modifications of terminals, which are sent via digitized test results to a central evaluation).

Draft Senator cool during the meeting criticized the Senate for example, Senator Peter Bratský ODS. The meeting presented the results of expert analysis, which summarized the problems to a possible permanent revocation of state graduation might cause. Among other example is the fact that the Czech Republic appears to have been forced to repay the amount he received for the project from the European Union. Otherwise, from their posts by 2013 could draw up to 405 million crowns.

So far, test preparation, according to official information has come since 2000 to around 342 million crowns in the next year, these expenditures should not increase by a further 285 million crowns. The organization of state graduation would be estimated to be about a quarter of annual billion.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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