The new center will study plasma MU Added:16.12. 2010
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The new center will study plasma MU

Masaryk University will have its own center for research into the use of plasma in the treatment of materials. The new research center focused on nanotechnology and plasma surface treatment of materials will be established at the local Faculty of Science (MU). It would deal mainly with the development of effective methods using plasma surface treatment of materials such as textiles, glass and automotive industries, but also in producing a high-tech products, including solar cells and be battery separators, and other manufacturing industries.

The center will use a new technology developed at the university, which according to the director Mirko Černák project from the Institute of Physical Electronics at MU can replace the chemicals used in the treatment of materials by means of special electric discharge electric generating so-called cold plasma.

Not yet used for chemical companies who use them, very expensive. Besides the overall savings by introducing new methods in production brought about great advantages are its safety and the minimal staff. In 2004 this technology was awarded the International Organization of Central European Initiative, the program From Research to Enterprise.

The establishment of a regional research center of the University gained almost 220 million from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation. The research will involve the students in doctoral programs, but the use of instrumentation and scientists from other institutes of the faculty, for example, geologists and chemists. Working on several new projects will be launched in early 2011.

Source: Press Release MU

Author: Černá, Lucie

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