University campus has expanded by 76 new professors Added:10.12. 2010
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University campus has expanded by 76 new professors

President Vaclav Klaus and Minister of Education Joseph Dobes passed 76 decrees novopečeným professors. The ceremony is held on 8 December in the Great Hall of the Prague Carolina. Chair of academics received the Czech universities on various topics, most proposals for the appointment of professors by CTU (eleven) and Charles University in Prague with Brno's Masaryk University (both schools have submitted ten proposals).

  • "In our country, become very quality questioned. In its scope, the role of president in 1293 I was appointed professors, 13 professors a month. And so I wonder if it is not the named professors too. They wonder whether the much bigger problem a lot of professors or universities, "* said during the ceremony, referring to a certain lack of Higher Education of the Czech President Klaus.

For a complete list of newly appointed professors and professors can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports („pdf“:

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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