Contest "A camera shutter, go!" remuneration to attract five thousand euros Added:14.12. 2010
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Contest "A camera shutter, go!" remuneration to attract five thousand euros

Creative students are given a chance in the competition ** A camera shutter, go! ** To win the prize for his film to promote two services of the Office for Official Publications of the European Union. The winning film will be awarded by ** € 5000 ** movie in second place will receive € 3,000 ** ** and movies on the third place will receive € 1,000 ** **. They welcome students of any discipline, but might be interested in particular those who study such fields as communication and film.

First of service ** ** EU Bookshop is an online library of European Union institutions, the second ** TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) ** is the official source of information on public procurement in the European Union and European Economic Area.

For ** ** EU Bookshop has created a Web video. The movie should take up one minute and be merry, fun and imaginative and bold way to appeal to younger viewers from around the world. For service ** ** Now is the planned television advertisements focusing on entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises. It should not take longer than 30 seconds and should be as cheerful as the previous video, funny and imaginative, and daring. So, that addressed the audience in the European Union and European Economic Area.

The winners and those who placed second, in February 2011 will be invited to a special awards ceremony at the Office for publication in our offices in Luxembourg.

Deadline for submissions is 17th ** January 2011 **. The 14th ** ** January 2011 must obtain a login and password to send a movie.

Details of the competition, see „this link“:…s-tra-00.pdf.

** Source: ** „Publications­“:…index_cs.htm

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