Ministry of Environment announced a competition for students. Applications only to 20 December! Added:15.12. 2010
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Ministry of Environment announced a competition for students. Applications only to 20 December!

Ministry of Environment announced a contest for students called ** „Smart solutions for the environment“ **. Its aim is to encourage talented students of secondary schools and universities and allow them to present their ideas to improve the technology. If successful in the competition is planned future support for the authors of the best designs in terms of technical, business and financial background to their idea could be implemented. The competition is held under the auspices of the Minister for the Environment Paul Drobil.

The competition is announced in several katergorií ** divided by level of study **:

  • Secondary Schools
  • Bachelors
  • Master
  • PhD

The competition is open to students of secondary schools and universities in the Czech Republic and Czech students studying citizenship in schools abroad. Can compete either as individuals or in teams.

Competitive proposals must include one of ** ** the following topics:

  • Technologies for water purification
  • Technologies for emission reduction
  • Recycling and waste materials
  • Development of new analytical methods for the detection of pollutants

Evaluation of ideas will be two rounds. In the first round of applications will be reviewed by a team of workers seeking a career. The evaluation in each category, choose a maximum of five best entries in all these topics and then proceed to the second round. Contestants selected for the second round will present his idea to the evaluation commission at one of the meetings either in Prague or Ostrava. Evaluation Board for the second round will be comprised of members of the Academy of Sciences, employees of universities, leading the Ministry and partners of the competition. Competitors for 5-minute presentation of his ideas come from the Commission questions and recommendations on technical and commercial viability. The Commission shall decide on the final order of criteria. Participants will be informed of the results by mail within two weeks after the presentations in Prague and Ostrava.

Entries in both rounds will be judged ** on ** the following criteria:

  • The practical benefits for the environment
  • Specification of benefits – for example in the form of financial estimates or the number of people / companies who stand to benefit from improved
  • The feasibility of the idea – the technical and commercial conditions which would have to be met
  • Originality of idea

** ** Rates for Competitors Individual prizes for contestants are as follows:

  • Category winner will receive 10,000 CZK ** **
  • Second place in the category ** 7000 ** and CZK
  • Third place ** 5000 **. CZK
  • „Our goal is to reach young people and with them seek solutions to complex environmental issues,“ he said of the competition * Minister Pavel Drobil. * "We do not, but that was just a competition – these activities is a long line – we want to encourage real innovation. This is only the first phase of activities. Following the exchange of ideas, where he received suggestions to introduce corporate sector. Verification of ideas in practice, then it will take the form of corporate sponsorships. We expect the transfer of best thoughts and ideas of young people in practice and we hope that this opens the possibility of long-term cooperation with the department of environmental science, research and application community, "added Minister *.

Detailed information about the contest can be found on the ' ":


Author: Černá, Lucie

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