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Science and technology in schools, courts Pardubice Added:10.12. 2010
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Science and technology in schools, courts Pardubice

Press news

From Monday, the 13th December to Thursday 16th December will be able secondary school students and pupils invited primary schools in four cities of Pardubice Region to test the scientific and technological methods and experiments in chemistry, optics, robotics, transportation and engineering at the „Science and technology in school yards.“

University of Pardubice and its three technical faculties – Faculty of Chemical Technology, Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – prepared for students and schoolchildren experiential workshop designed to show the world of modern technology and technical and scientific disciplines in a playful way, and give or enhance the interest of young people in technical and scientific fields, or to motivate them to further their studies.

Several-day event starting on Monday (13 12) in Svitavy school and language school, then goes on Tuesday (14 12) at Central School of Electrical Engineering in Pardubice on Wednesday (15 12) will be at the vocational school Lanškroun and Thursday (16 12) will visit the Central School of Engineering and technical in Chrudim. It is part of the national project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to promote and popularize science and technical fields. University of Pardubice became minister for the implementation of the project's regional coordinator for the Pardubice Region action prepared in collaboration with the Institute of European regional development, charitable company based in Pardubice and the University of Pardubice.

Adventure and fun activities are intended primarily for pupils, students and teachers of elementary and secondary schools of the Pardubice region, but may attend and other interested parties, including parents of students.

Regional Manager of the project, Mr. Minister. Valerie Wagner, Chancellor, University of Pardubice, said:

  • "These several actions, which we named the Science and Technology in the yards of schools, will take place during the following year, a total of three. Getting started – due to the winter season – in the classrooms of schools, but in the spring and next year in September, actually take place on school yards. We also expect that pupils and students alike will be invited to activities directly to the university to experience the trials and their skills directly in our laboratories and have experienced academic environment and university campus.

Given that our Faculty of Chemical Technology has a sixty-year tradition in teaching and research in chemistry and next year's „Year of Chemistry“, this event and our contribution to it. We hope that these actions will promote a positive perception of technical and scientific fields, and highlights the importance of science and technology in our everyday lives. "*

Ing. architect Ivo Svoboda, regional coordinator of the project Science and technology in the yards ready for the school program for school supplies:

  • „The events of December we set for various so-called motivational presentations, experiential workshops and habitats. For example, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science established two robots, the balance is dependent on light. Faculty of Chemical Technology, for example, offers students monitor the structure of butterfly wings using optical microscopy methods, and many other chemical and biological experiments. Jan Perner Transport Faculty acquaint students with such geopolymer technology and building the pyramids, which lead them into the world of advanced engineering. The interactive workshops are also competitions and other fun activities. “*

more information for action shall Ing. architect Ivo Svoboda, phone 466 036 482, mobile 606 694 170

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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