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Hockey battle in Brno dominate player BUT Added:12.12. 2010
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Hockey battle in Brno dominate player BUT

Press news

The hockey match between the universities in Brno – University of Technology (BUT) and Masaryk University (MU) hockey hall filled with Rondo. The match took place on Wednesday at 18.00 and again the atmosphere was electrifying. A great spectacle offered as hockey performances and performances in the gallery. The entire event took place with grace and success.

Way to battle, however, hockey is a thorny and long-term preparations are underway. * "Preparing for the match actually takes place nearly a year. Final Preparations and looking for sponsors, we are dealing with a quarter of the year ahead. The most challenging are about three weeks before the event, it has Tighten details and trivia that everything went well, "* adds one of the main organizers of the Thomas Szollosy ** ** ** Student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT **. This year was the biggest problem in time, which was originally scheduled for spring, unfortunately in this hall during the reconstruction, and this time the battle was so uncharacteristic of the December deadline.

The match took place at a high tempo and the audience a good time. * „We think that the players once again managed to entertain an enthusiastic audience. During the first period could see a lot of interesting outfits and masks. Spectators will be able to cheer for the head nurse gynecology department, divers and also a team captain BUT as pope, "* adds Szollosy **. ** Results were probably influenced by the instructions of the captain, who in style, the pope instructed his players all the tasks have been fully met. The rest of the match but the players dragged through the traditional head dress, and even got a proper match Grady. * Jerseys Although subsequently changed, but remained in the stands all the motives of players, who were armed with fans. And this helped to create belonging players, fans and universities. The atmosphere was amazing in Rondo. “*

[* * Vut2.jpg]

After the first period went to the cabin crew from the state, BUT 3:4, but with time, everything turned around. The second period burst rate of more players in the game and got a really competitive rate. After the second period led the players already BUT goalscoring nadílce 8:7 and continued in the last part of the game. BUT players dominated the playing surface and in the third period won convincingly 4–1. That meant the overall win, BUT 12:8. This result came back a year old, BUT the players defeat the raids of his colleagues at MU. After the final whistle with a huge euphoria broke out, both on the court and also in the stands, which, in fanouškovským power to compete with professional Brno Comets fans. Interesting was also unusual thank the players who pump up even more fans. Success of the whole tournament was a great visit, when it found its way into Ronda four thousand fans.

The match was held under the auspices of the Mayor and the presidents of both universities. This second match of universities is gradually becoming a new tradition in the form of a hockey match universities. * „We are very satisfied with both the course and organizations, as well as the auspices and support of universities, faculties and the city of Brno,“ appreciates * ** **. Szollosy Next time the third match would take place next year, and it should already be in the more traditional term and to the students to get used to him and take him for „his“.

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** ** For information about the faculty: Electrotechnical disciplines were first at the technical university, BUT the first time in 1905. Since 1959, when it was founded as an independent faculty of energy, which later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has successfully completed engineering studies at our faculty over 23 000 graduates. In 2001 she received the present name of Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT) and a year later she conceived the accreditation of new advanced degree programs in a structured study. The faculty has more than 4,400 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. Studying at the faculty is focused on a wide range of scientific areas: control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power electronics and electrical engineering, electrotechnology and electronics, microelectronics, and Radioelectronics Teleinformatics.

For more information, please contact me.

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** ** George Wagner Public relations manager Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology BUT GSM: 604504695 mail:

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