COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Economics of tourism Added:29.12. 2010
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Economics of tourism

Despite occasional fluctuations in economic prosperity is still a favorite pastime to travel. So that people can travel, it is necessary to their comfort and safety of care of people with expertise. And they raise some of our universities.

What is the economics of tourism

Branch focuses mainly, but not limited to, the economics of tourism. His main interest is such as financial, personnel and administrative support operations of state institutions and companies involved in tourism, but perhaps also the area of ​​promotion and marketing of tourism and adventure activities, organization, operation of tourist facilities, organization of tours and much more. To that end, students learn while studying the economic, legal, cultural, historical and other aspects of tourism. Strong emphasis is placed but also on their communication skills and language skills. The studies are also practical training in management techniques and personnel management practice or required under any of the operations or business of tourism.

=== Graduates

Completing studies in tourism economics students gain expertise in running and managing medium and large organizations. Graduates often become managers in different parts of tourism facilities (reception, service staff, warehouse, service department, etc.).. But can also work as managers, economists, travel agencies, officers, employees apply a marketing department, representatives of travel agencies abroad, promotional staff at international fairs in the area of ​​congress tourism, as guides and in other positions. Realize, however, may also in creating the theoretical analysis and evaluation of tourism development, etc.

Where's tourist economy study

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

** Faculty of Economics, VSB-TU Ostrava ** Program: Economics and Management ** ** Industry: Tourism Economy ** ** (Bc, P, 3 years; taught in Uherske Hradiste) Web site: „“:…dium-a-vyuka

=== Admission

Admission is based on the results of the National Comparative Test (NSZ) achieved in the general study test assumptions in its basic form (OSP Z) or the results of the first three sections of the test of general study skills in extended form (R OSP). In both cases the same three sections (verbal, analytical and quantitative). Examinations are held within the company Scio.

More information about the admission procedure can be found „here“:…aciho-rizeni.

Courses === === During the study, students will meet among others with such subjects as the management of tourism facilities, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurial activity in the common meals and accommodation, spa and spec. forms of tourism, social protocol, Tourism and Internet Geography of Tourism, Culture History, Animation and hotel sports, and many others. Mandatory part of the study is also in business practice. The optional subjects may be mentioned such as Enterprise Performance Management, offering a variety of foreign languages, Services, Engineering monuments in tourism, food and other merchandise.

For more information about our branches you go „here“:…dyPlan.faces?….

Silesian University

** Business Administration in Karviná ** Program: Economics and Management ** ** Industry: Tourism Economy ** ** (Bc, P, 3 years) Web site: „“:…/stranky.php?…

Admission tests === === The entrance examination is a written form and is uniform for all degree programs. This examination is a written test in the range of study skills high school level knowledge of economics, social survey and mathematics. The dean may in the first round of admission waive the entrance examination for applicants who demonstrate a certified copy or original certificate of completion of the company Scio NSZ in the academic year 2011. The certificate must be delivered to the faculty by 30 May 2011, postmarked by 25 May 2011. Dean may waive the examination to candidates who placed first to 500 place as the result of NSZ.

More information about entrance exams can be found „here“:

Courses === === Among the mandatory items with which students of tourism on the economy OPF meet, for example, find the subject Informatics for Economists, Microeconomics, Money, Banking and Financial Markets, World Economy, Operation of travel agencies, tourism industry, right in international trade, tourism Geography tourism, foreign languages ​​and many more. The optional subjects such as industry offers various kinds of sports, professional counseling, art presentations, business tax records, civil and family law, agro-tourism, etc.

Detailed information on courses offered, see the „here“:….

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