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Czech premiere of a theatrical performance staroperuánského drama Apu Ollantay "by the university Pardubice Added:14.12. 2010
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Czech premiere of a theatrical performance staroperuánského drama Apu Ollantay "by the university Pardubice

Press news

On Tuesday 14 December evening will be held in the Knights' Hall in the Castle of Pardubice Czech theatrical premiere of a unique pre-Columbian staroperuánského drama Apu Ollantay. The premiere students prepare and rehearse the first and second year of study in Social Anthropology, University of Pardubice Faculty of Arts under the guidance of Assoc. Mgr. Oldrich Kaspar, PhD.

This unique monument of Peruvian culture was first translated into Czech in 1918. Novočeský translation being performed professor Oldrich Kaspar six decades later, and now heard for the first time in the design stage.

Czech translation of the author and theatrical productions college prof. Oldrich Kaspar to debut adds: * „The performance takes place on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the liberation struggles in the Spanish colonies in Latin America from dependence on a European metropolis. By participating in its number of delegations, the embassy of the Republic of Peru in Prague, headed by Her Excellency Marit Porturas Landaveri Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Peru in the Czech Republic. “*

This unique performance is not the first cultural activity students study in Social Anthropology Faculty of Arts. It builds on a successful evening and staroperuánské old Mexican poetry in translation associate professor Dr.. Oldrich Kaspar, PhD., Which took place in late November at a castle in Pardubice.

** Summary ** drama Ollantay, one of the generals and the Incas Pachacuteka Antisuyu governor of the province, shortly before taking a new military campaign, ask for a break and his daughter's hand Cusi Coyllur. GOD hard to refuse his request because it is not Ollantay – by Inca standards – sufficiently noble. Disappointed captain take refuge in the mountains, to its strength Ollantaytampu and Princess, who had become his mistress is arrested. The Ollantayem of the Inca army command issued Rumiňavim led military commander. This manages to defeat the insurgents (though the first attempt was unsuccessful) and Ollantaye away as captives to the capital ČÚZK. Shortly before that, Inka dies and enters the throne by his son Tupac Yupanqui, who takes a lover to grace, Ollantaye establishes its representative – the regent of the entire empire, and permits both in love to begin a new life.

Come and get carried away by the dramatic story of unrequited love, but which will eventually fulfilled. ** The performance of students of Faculty of Arts, University of Pardubice begins at 19:00 pm at the Chateau Pardubice **.

  • Further information and contact *:
  • Assoc. Mgr. Oldrich Kaspar, PhD .*
  • Department of Social Sciences Faculty of Arts *
  • Phone 466 036 631, mobile 734 463 830 *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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