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Five principles that will help increase your chances of admission Added:31.12. 2010
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Five principles that will help increase your chances of admission

There are various ways to increase your chances of admission to college. Some students believe the long nights spent with coffee and teaching others to preparatory courses from various organizations. Principles whose observance will help you get to the dream school, are different – we offer you a choice of five of them.

** Principle 1: Give priority to important before the urgent **

We know it all. Tomorrow is the test of written history, although it's not my graduation subject, but look at it I have, the day after the German exam, turning in the kind of project and the end of the week I read a book in Czech at graduation repetition. It would take to start learning the entrance examination, but where it take time? So I prefer to learn and navigate přijímačkových quiz from last year's test flight will leave for the weekend, even though I know I will not do much, because I want to see on Saturday at home with friends and to paint. Do not fall into this trap and keep in mind what is important and what is merely acute. Entrance exams can be up to three months and a test of history tomorrow, but while the success or failure at the entrance exams for the most part decided about your future life, the outcome of your history (if history was not included in entrance exams) will soon be of interest to you or, let alone someone else. Certainly I am not saying that you do not learn, just the opposite, but you need to rationally prioritize, allocate your time on what is important, however it is difficult, try to give an important precedence over what is just the latest.

** Principle 2: Be kind to your body **

A large number of graduates under the onslaught of all course requirements to worry about forgetting your body, without which, however, can not even study or participate in entrance examinations. „I eat catch up,“ say some, while others forget to drink, and other casts nervous potatoes and chocolate. Studies of many doctors and psychologists have shown that students who drink more water have better performance in memory tests and tests of attention. Everyone probably knows that coffee can temporarily help, but it also dehydrates the body and loaded. Once you learn one piece of groggy, restless, and everything is slow, rather than coffee or showers will help you run around the house. Get used to wear to school with a drink bottle and find time for a balanced diet – you'll be calmer, more attentive, less exhausted and thus you will learn much faster. In particular, the examination day, try to sleep well, do not forget to drink, and this time with him and take something sweet, because the human brain needs to load a large amount of sugar. If you're nervous, try vitamin C – has anti-stress effects.

** Principle 3: Organize your learning **

[* * Plan.jpg] Lay out learning so that you ultimately did not do everything at the last minute. There is no tragedy if you do not succeed wholly follow the plan, because any work always takes longer than it should – it is essential that you have an idea of ​​what you have already mastered many of you still waiting and that do not start with the preparation week before exams . If this helps, write a regular to-do-list, a list of things that day you plan to do, and then individual items škrtejte. And what is important, remember this list several times a week in addition to items such as „learn vocabulary,“ „write an e-mail to Grandma“ or „to do the task in English,“ attributed to items such as „go get one přijímačkový test from last year“ or „do one lesson in an online preparatory course for the entrance exams.“

** Principle 4: Be clear about what you get for the entrance exam bonus points **

Find out really well as entrance exams and what they look their part. Some universities have put not only on the actual entrance examination. Bonus points can be obtained in many places for participating in the Olympics, SOC, in a foreign language or practice. If this is the case your chosen university, do not be content only sigh, „any of those things I do“ and, if possible, add at least some of the items. If it helps for tests, you can easily log on to exam the simplest level and go to it more or less without preparation. Especially in technical fields you can completely forgive the entrance exam, if you are a successful researcher Olympics and other events near your area.

** Principle No. 5: If the entrance exam points are deducted for wrong answers, netipujte **

If you really find yourself in the exam room and you know that the wrong answers in the test will be deducted points netipujte blind. Test full of unanswered questions while acting inappropriately, but just take into account some simple probability calculations and find that if you have five options answers and randomly choose one, it is likely that the hit badly than well in the end you will lose more points. If you are able to contrast three of the five options and deciding to exclude the other two, it sometimes pays off already guess, because the probability of your success is 50:50 – This is especially true for tests NSZ, where it reads less than attributes, so even if you have half of your attempts to „fifty-fifty“ wrong, your result will not be zero, but come out ahead.

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