By the end of the year you can participate in photo contest "chemistry is cool" Added:15.12. 2010
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By the end of the year you can participate in photo contest "chemistry is cool"

„Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague“: announces photo contest called „Chemistry is cool.“: Http://www.vscht­.cz/homepage/tis­k/ photo competition. The competition is open to all who will be the end of this year, at least fifteen and not more than nineteen years, and closes the first round is already the 31st December this year. The main prize in the contest is Olympus.

The participants are to capture a maximum of five photographs of interesting moments in their everyday lives, whether from school, home or leisure activities, which will reflect the positive impact of chemistry on human life. The competition aims to convey the chemistry students as something without which we would not be possible to live and bring them to reflect on how our modern chemistry in life helps.

Images must be sent in the highest quality mail address, or in paper form to the ICT Prague, Technická 5, 166 28 Prague 6, the envelope must be marked 'photo competition. Must be accompanied by a brief description of the photos and application form. The competition will be divided into three rounds and at the end of each round will be able to win a small gift from the University of Chemical Technology. At the beginning of 2011 will be declared the winners. If your work is placed in the top will have a place of honor in the exhibition and calendar, which will be issued after the end of the competition.

Registration and other competition details can be downloaded from the website of the University of Chemical Technology.

Source photo: stock.xchng

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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