Computer courses for mothers free Added:20.12. 2010
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Computer courses for mothers free

„VSB – Technical University of Ostrava“: offers mothers of children under fifteen years of age for free training in computer courses focusing mainly on computer literacy. In addition to mothers on maternity leave or unemployed may also attend courses fathers on parental leave. Educational videos are located on the Internet – a major part of the course and can take place online and on-site part of the course is then given space and questions mere subject matter training. Participants on the course and personally spend less time and eliminates them to worry about long-term babysitting.

It is possible to subscribe to any of the four core courses + Windows Explorer, Word, Excel, Internet + Mail, or a combination thereof. Each course has three separate classes running once a week, so the entire kit together takes three months. You can choose whether you are comfortable course offered in the morning, midday and afternoon, and any absence can be replaced. Participants will can raise the minimum qualifications for time-consuming.

"I must say that the party courses for unemployed mothers excel diligence study of participants in other courses. You can always count on that during the week between lessons, watch videos and read the script. Therefore, lessons may be shorter than normal-library courses, "says Ing. Petr Cervenka from the Centre for Education University of Mining.

Those interested in computer courses may register by calling 596 993 203 or e-mail address vaclav.pavlik @ Courses are held in the complex VSB-Technical University of Ostrava-Poruba. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate of retraining a nationally.

Source: Press release VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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