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Winter in half? This is it! Added:20.12. 2010
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Winter in half? This is it!

Press news

Recent trend is to use a variety of discount events. Whether it is a bonus system in the form of stamps, stickers or loyalty cards, always save you, your family members or significant financial resources. One of the major tools to obtain discounts are student ID cards and discount cards.

Czech Republic has had the most comprehensive service for holders of ISIC, the international student identity card, which serves as a discount card, not only here but in other 124 countries of the world. It shows the two hundred and fifty thousand cards issued each year in the country.

ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) allows students to middle and high schools get discounts not only in the high street stores but also online through the student information portal The same advantages can also use the card ITIC teacher, international teacher identification card (International Teacher Identity Card). For the first time have the opportunity to draw students' benefits throughout the world also pupils of primary schools with an ISIC card Scholar, similar to the ISIC card, which is especially useful for parents who have their children not to use any student discounts. "The elementary schools are somehow forgotten, although they currently are by law essentially no evidence of pupil / student, who will certainly find them in everyday use. In addition, it will be able to finally feel like the students and compared to his older siblings who already use the ISIC of 2,300 locations in CR and thus they may travel to other 123 countries of the world, "said Tomas Vyskocil, National Manager of ISIC.

[* * Isicc.jpg]

For us, there are other types of cards, discount cards especially for young people – such as the EURO <26 or Hostelling International card IYHF (International Youth Hostel Federation). However, not all cards are guaranteed coverage around the world, some are also restricted by age or use (such as the need to visit a store, so the discount was applied).

So if you have school-age child at home, learn the benefits that it brings not only a student card during the winter, but in daily life. As a result, it will be your wallet that are relieved …

** Armament and equipment ** Last year's equipment is obsolete, or served its? This sentence does not get you into the grave, if you use the exclusive student obchoduwww.chy­ where available year-round discounts of exclusive, or 1 +1 free.

PRODUCT ** ** Price without ISIC SCHOLAR Price with ISIC / SCHOLAR
Krosno Hi-Tec Miwok 75 1899 CZK 1532 CZK
Helmet Black Helmet 949 CZK 730 CZK
Back protector Wspine 1190 CZK 833 CZK
Lucky Ace Snowboard 5690 CZK 4377 CZK
Snowboard Bindings Alu Pro Black 2490 CZK 1915 CZK
Snowboard Boots Black Rhino 2699 CZK 2076 CZK
Freak Goggles White 949 CZK 730 CZK
Snowboard Pants Morro 4790 CZK 1437 CZK
Ski Jacket Capella 7250 CZK 2175 CZK

CZK 26,007 – CZK 14,273 ** Will spare (the difference in price): – 11 734 CZK **

** Insurance is the foundation ** Choose a travel insurance is not easy. Few people realize that skiing and snowboarding are among the extreme sports, of which the resulting risk of injury, of course, in many cases are not normally covered by insurance. Therefore, the student may, by ISIC and ISIC card SCHOLAR also advantageous to arrange travel insurance covering just Uniqa extreme sports and the unparalleled CZK 350 for the whole year! And it can drive out during the year, and repeatedly, so that skiing and winter fun certainly does not stop there … You can be sure you the insured child will be cared for most and, if necessary, will cover only minor treatment and medicines, as demanding surgery and hospitalization negotiate assistance service immediately. And if in the summer, your kids decide they would prefer to travel to study exchanges under the Socrates, Erasmus, etc., offers the option to insure the long trip to Europe for 6 months.

Types of Insurance ** ** ** exclusive price with an ISIC card / ISIC SCHOLAR **
Travel insurance, including extreme sports 350 CZK
Travel insurance for a long trip, incl. extreme sports 1600 CZK

** Kiss ** the Alps Among the most popular winter benefits that can be used studentskýmikartami include special offer skiing in the Alps, including skiing before Christmas, which is on the alpine hills of snow, enough already, but still not many people on the slopes. Students can choose from 65,000 ski trips, which receives up to 10% discount on presentation of an ISIC or ISIC SCHOLAR plus the gift of a ski mask windstopperové KAMA to 300 fastest. Complete range go to wwwi.chytrepa­

Christmas skiing in the Alps are becoming increasingly popular. You can ski on fresh powder in it when the snow is not too much of us and you will avoid a large number of skiers and hated queues for the lift. In doing so, it will come out much cheaper than a full season.

    Price without ISIC SCHOLAR Price with ISIC / SCHOLAR
Hotel Baita Clementi **** Bormio – Italy from 7590 CZK 6831 CZK from
Gloria Residence *** Val di Fiemme – Italy from 4690 CZK 4221 CZK from
Sciatori Residence *** Aprica – Italy from 3690 CZK 3321 CZK from
Vega Residence *** Risoul – France from 3090 CZK 2936 CZK from
Cheval Blanc Residence *** Val Thorens from 5690 CZK 5406 CZK from
Appartementhaus Kolping *** Kitzbühel – Austria from 2234 CZK from 2010 CZK
Appartementhaus Scheffauerfhof *** Kitzbühel – Austria from 2138 CZK from 1924 CZK
Appartementhaus Baumanngut *** Kitzbühel – Austria from 2625 CZK 2363 CZK from

Price per person includes: Accommodation for 7 nights and 6 day pass (for tours to Austria, pass not included)

** You Save and Czech Republic ** With a valid ISIC card / ISIC SCHOLAR can also save on permicích 28 Czech ski resorts and up to 50%. And that's not all. If your travel schedule well, up to half the money you save not only the ski resorts, but also in transport, accommodation, unless you hire an instructor, I will lend you a complete ski equipment, or if you just want to sharpen their weapons.

** 2 days skiing in Spindleruv Mlyn ** price without ISIC SCHOLAR Price with ISIC / SCHOLAR
Transport bus Central Bohemia (Prague – SM) 320, – CZK 256, – ​​CZK
Permice in ski resort Spindleruv Mlyn 1160, – CZK 928, – CZK
Ski Hire an ensemble of schools Max 700, – CZK 350, – CZK
Hiring a helmet at the Skol Max 210, – CZK 105, – CZK
2 hours private ski lessons at schools Max 1350, – CZK 675, – CZK
Orea Hotel Holiday Arnika (person / night in Double. Rooms.) 1490, – CZK 745, – CZK
Total 5230, – CZK 3059, – CZK

** You Save (The difference in price) – 2171 CZK **

Going for two? Discount Multiply two …

Price per person at a discount 2 for 1, where one person pays and the other is free.

Calculate for yourself how much you can save the list of all the online discounts

And if neither you nor your child you're a student, and you are under 26 years old, you get a card IYTC and have almost the same advantages as students.

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