Youth in Action offers training to youth exchange Added:23.12. 2010
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Youth in Action offers training to youth exchange

The European Union aiming at developing an innovative method of education offers training in January to one of its projects, which concerns the exchange of youth. What is at stake? The possibility to travel to some of the member and non-member countries gather here and experience of local initiatives and organizations of the young.

The training is intended project leader, coordinators and all those who plan to apply for grants for international youth exchanges and do not yet have practical experience in completing grant applications.

Training will be held in Přibyslav, in the case must be completed no later than Monday, January 3, 2011 ** to ** online application. Details of the training itself can be found on the „workshops“:…rena-na-akci- 1 /? tx_cal_controller [type] = tx_cal_phpicalendar & tx_cal_controller [page_id] = 323 & tx_cal_controller [getdate] = 20110106 & tx_cal_controller [lastview] = sheet-323 & tx_cal_controller [view] = event & tx_cal_controller [uid] = 277 & Chashi = ecb5cc782e.

The Youth in Action European Union announced in 2007, which followed the previous project of Youth. 885 million euros, which is a program intended for young draw in 2013. Pillar of the international youth exchanges, European voluntary service, youth initiatives and activities aimed at developing skills for youth workers.

** Source: ** „Project page“: „Site of the Ministry of Education“:…ladez-v-akci

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