MU scientists embarking on Antarctic expedition Added:26.12. 2010
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MU scientists embarking on Antarctic expedition

Researchers and engineers from the 30th of Masaryk University leave December to Antarctica, that together with other experts from the Czech Republic took a two-month expedition to the James Ross Island. At the Antarctic station of JG Mendel, operated by Masaryk University, hits climatologists, geologists and ornithologists, but also a new doctor and expedition manager station equipment.

New in this year's expedition is the strengthening of the scientific research base stations. There will be permanently placed microscopes, předvážkové and analytical scales and other technical equipment to enable the processing of samples of biological material. All this should increase the scope for further international cooperation in scientific research of James Ross Island, and also allow an increase in the number of foreign participants in future Czech expeditions.

Departing expedition will have eleven members, of whom seven are from Masaryk University. The other two are also already in the Antarctic. His journey will start shipping in Prague, where the air moves over the Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas jihočilského port, where they take on board the icebreaker Almirante Viel. After waiting for a crew sailing across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Ship's departure is planned for 1 January. Over the next four to five days depending on weather conditions, the whole expedition landed on James Ross Island.

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