COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Journalism and Creative Writing at private schools Added:7.1. 2011
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Journalism and Creative Writing at private schools

Young job seekers in the media does not necessarily reach for education only to public high school, several private schools offering programs focused on creative writing and journalism with the promise of individual approach, some even in English. What are these?

Literary Academy (Private High School Joseph Škvorecký) Ltd.

** Courses: ** The school offers two undergraduate disciplines creative writing and journalism („study day“:…y/tp_bak.pdf and „combined“: http:// / images / stories / table / tp-p_bak_komb.pdf) Communication and the media („full-time“:…y/tp_bak.pdf), graduates BcA gain. In both fields can be made in the downstream study, the Creative Writing has three specializations: „creative writing“:…_nmag_tp.pdf, „nonfiction“: http:// / images / stories / table / tp_nmag_lf.pdf and „editorial“:…_nmag_rp.pdf. Graduates are awarded the title MA

** About the School: ** Private art school that promises a personal and individual approach. Personality teach there as Radek Denemarková, Arnost Goldflam and Jan Gogola ml. List of all educators is „here“:….

** The content of study: ** Students will learn the history of art and develop their own creative abilities. Thanks to meetings with writers (writers, playwrights, screenwriters, journalists, translators), literary and linguistic scholars and media practitioners (directors, radio and television editors and film specialists) study develops the potential audience.

** Admission: ** The exam is written (test of English language) and oral (discussion of shlédnutými own artwork and text). Details can be read „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

** The tuition fees: ** for full-time undergraduate courses are paid CZK 60 000 per academic year for the combined study and follow-up study to pay 50 000 CZK

** Additional Information: ** „www.literarni­“:, „student magazine“:…

College journalism

** Field, and obtained title: ** Three-year graduate program is finished the test with the title of certified specialist (DiS). (Students have the opportunity to earn a degree in Bachelor of one-year follow-up study on the Literary Academy of Josef Skvorecky, at the University of Jan Amos Comenius, the CEVRO Institute or at the Metropolitan University Prague.)

** About the School: ** College of Journalism is a church school, whose founder is the Archbishopric of Prague. The list of teachers who lecture at the school, you can see „here“:…e/pedagogove.

** The content of study: ** study offers three specializations: copyright journalism, audiovisual and digital media, public relations and marketing communications. In the course of study are prescribed by four expert practice. The school has its own graphic studio, online classrooms, a library, radio and television studio.

** Admission: Admission is ** written and oral, and includes knowledge of Czech language and general knowledge in the social sciences and current events. During the admission procedure may also present their own work. Details of the admission procedure can přečíct „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

** The tuition fees: ** tuition for the academic year 2010/2011 is 28 000 CZK

** Additional Information: ** „“: „view of school from a student“:…00_detail-87 ( but five years old), „examples of student work“:…denti-autory.

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University of Jan Amos Comenius, Ltd.

** Courses: ** The school offers three undergraduate courses oriented toward creative activity (the „Scenic and Media Studies“:…obor-sms.php, „Audiovisual communication and creation“: http : / / / information-field-ak.php and „Social and Mass Communication“:…obor-smk.php) and master's study "The social and mass communication ":…bor-msmk.php, all studies combined and in full form.

** About the School: ** University of Jan Amos Comenius, Prague Ltd. has its headquarters in Prague, but other than that operates four subsidiaries: Old Hrozenkov, Frydek-Mistek, Czech Lipa and Obrataň.

** The content of study: ** see links to individual disciplines

** Admission: ** at the time of the article not the website for details of admission procedure

** The tuition fees: ** in the academic year 2010/2011 the tuition fees 25 000 CZK per semester

** Additional Information: ** „“:, „Evaluation Report of the Accreditation Commission“:…jak_2010.pdf

Anglo-American College, ops

** Courses: ** The school offers through the School of Journalism (School of Journalism) Bachelor degree in „Journalism and Communication“:

** About the School: ** It is the oldest private school in the Czech Republic, offering education in English. According to the site the school has specialists with doctorates from Yale, Stanford and other prestigious universities.

** The content of study: ** The school prepares students for the English language used in traditional journalism jobs, also in electronic and other media at home and abroad, on radio and television, and in the broader field of marketing and public relations.

** Admission: ** oral interview based on the documents produced, it is necessary to adequate knowledge of English language (see „School site“: C5% 99ij% C3% ADmac % C3% AD_% C5% 99% C3% ADzen% C3% AD)

** The tuition fees: ** 2 000 CZK for acquired credit per semester is approximately 60 000 CZK

** Additional Information: ** „“:, „Evaluation Report of the Accreditation Commission“:…aha_2009.pdf

University of New York in Prague

** Courses: ** The school offers American Bachelor „Communication and Mass Media“:…ace-masmedia.

** About the School: ** University of New York in Prague has been running since 1998 and according to his words offers the best higher education in the English language in Central Europe. The school promises low ratio of teachers and students of American and modern interactive approach in teaching. 79 percent of teachers have a Ph.D., or equivalent to the highest academic degree training.

** The content of study: ** Theoretical and practical knowledge of subjects taught media allow interactive style, the details of „here“:…ace-masmedia.

** Admission: ** Applicants must go through an interview with an academic advisor. Students who are admitted, however, required to maintain a cumulative average score high marks, if they want to continue their studies. Details „here“:…ysokoskolaci.

** The tuition fees: ** Price per semester, according to the school website for Czech and Slovak students 70 000 CZK. The school charges a right amount for each credit (with an American credit equivalent to two European), a detailed price list

** Additional Information: ** „“:, „Evaluation Report of the Accreditation Commission“:…aha_2009.pdf

** Source: ** School site, references in Article ** Source photography: ** „“:

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