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Graduation exam is really an adult? Added:5.1. 2011
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Graduation exam is really an adult?

„Drunk on the joy / we lie to ourselves a little / test that adult / really can come,“ sang Karel Kryl. But one hour after several years of study really such a breakthrough that will change us forever? This is really a great topic for discussion. Let's take the various points of view closer focus.

Rite of passage before and now

Metamorphosis, as a human person passes the twentieth year, has watched the ancient peoples **. ** It was not unusual to confirm a major change in this ritual, during which support the whole community. These „transition rituals ** **“ were often very difficult for the participants, lasted several days and the majority were for boys only. This has often physical pain, isolation, and several great emotional strain. An individual who endured difficult conditions, but became a full member of the community and adult can become fully involved in its organization. He happily recalled that the current sectarian and affluent civilization has forgotten the old traditions. The original seems ridiculous rituals and exotic, or have undergone a fundamental change, such as weddings and funerals. Sometimes, therefore, talks about the graduation ** ** ** is in some ways a return of the rituals ** transitions to adulthood. With a bit of irony, we might admit that individuals (both sexes already) have indeed must complete isolation during the holy week, the big emotional thrust of mention. Many will know for yourself, too physical limitations. But fresh MATURANT really ready for the world of „real adults“?

Unique experience in your life?

Graduation test certainly provides experiences that a young person does not experience elsewhere. These moments, when ** rely completely on himself ** and your abilities. All attention suddenly directed on him and he needs to come to terms that interest. It is therefore also an important test of nerves **. ** Anyone who already has a high school diploma in a row, but confirms that the test is primarily a huge memory training **. ** Acquired practical skills can MATURANT show up in foreign languages ​​or mathematics, but other items require a particularly strong memory capacity. Will it fit? If the graduation exam to be an adult, should be equipped with a young man in particular, for future employment, or. personal and family life. We have to realize that we are dealing with a single test ** **, which would fall to be the culmination of years of dedicated study, large strain during the holy week, but rather reflects a catching-up of specific knowledge that the student has no plans usually never used (possibly in college). Durable nerve and ability to work for myself at work may well MATURANT will use the trained mind, but we could no longer speculate. It will help him, but graduated with qualities such as teamwork, creative work, autonomy or practical skills? In particular, recent graduates of grammar schools, who decided to seek work, should be able to tell her.

What can you do …

  • You'll get instead of love

from those who know everything, neotázky triceps, quadriceps response .* (Karel Kryl: Test of maturity)

Here a quick overview that will not bring too much optimism. We could open a debate about whether this situation will improve or worsen the so-called new graduation **. ** Also, we might ask whether it would perhaps not have graduated ** completely different form **. Perhaps it could more individual, less formal and actual testing abilities, not just art „nadrtit the“ volume of the curriculum. Then would the whole school curriculum had to change shape to match the current requirements for more „adult“. But certainly there is no reason to hang all the preparations for the graduation of the nail and give up on its importance. The old truth is that this depends on what you take home from the experience. For high school graduates may be essential to learn how to handle difficult situations of stress, which it will be useful to high school. It is important to learn how to effectively prepare for and itemized great performance. Finally, teamwork can be very beneficial. And that's all we can to learn yet graduated.

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