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A study at the neighbors: Comenius University in Bratislava Added:14.1. 2011
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A study at the neighbors: Comenius University in Bratislava

Comenius University in Bratislava boasts the largest and oldest university in the Slovak Republic. But of course, not only the specifics. Let's imagine it has now become a little closer.

History == BRIEF

In comparison with Prague's Charles University, although Comenius University in Bratislava (UK) in terms of their age was in its infancy, but is this „toddler“ poised to have its first hundred. Its history began on the 27th June 1919 in connection with the new law establishing the Czechoslovak State University in Bratislava, approved by the National Assembly, which came into force on 11 července 1919th Exactly four months later was renamed the University of Comenius University. Slovakia thus gained his first college providing higher education in the national language. Initially, the lectures are held both in Slovak and in Czech language – it was indeed due to the initial prevalence of Czech professors who teach at the university. The beginnings of the universities were not due to a large maďarizace region accompanied by a lack of educated professionals for teaching. An obstacle to the rapid development of the university but was also a lack of technical facilities, seating capacity and weak public financial support. After the establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1939 by Czech professors had to leave the school and the whole institution was then renamed to the Slovak University. Comenius University became again until 1954.

== The current form

Today the school is a traditional school governed by European standards, and following the rules of the Bologna Declaration. It offers a three-stage structure of study, a bachelor's degree, master's and doctoral levels. The study is classically organized through a credit system organized according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Currently studying at the school around 30 000 students in all school years and offers over 980 courses. The University also offers additional pedagogoické education and further education in various fields.

Structure == schools

Currently the school offers its students a total of 13 faculties. The first was set up ** ** Faculty of Medicine (1919). The study load is formed very slowly, but by 1945 already offered by most traditional medical disciplines. During and after the war also provided by some pharmaceutical fields. Detached work of the faculty was established in 1962 in Martin, 1969, it was independent of Medicine, Charles University, which was renamed in 1991 the Faculty of Medicine Jessenius ** **. After medical school faculty was established ** Faculty of Arts and ** ** ** (both opened for business in 1921), where in early years educators teach exclusively Czech. Followed by the Faculty of Science ** ** (1940) ** Education ** (1946), and ** Pharmaceutical ** (1952), which was from 1960 to 1969 after the merger with the Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno, the only national faculty of the former Czechoslovakia. Under the existing Faculty of Arts was established in 1939 gymnastic institute, which later came under the Faculty of Education. Independent ** Faculty of Physical Education and Sport ** it had become until 1965. Year 1980 from the Faculty of Science has allocated a separate ** Faculty of Mathematics and Physics **. In 1990 he resumed his previous short term ** ** Roman Catholic Theological Faculty, which has its origins as early as 1936. In 1990 began work as well ** ** Evangelical Theological Faculty, which also stood outside of the UK long term. A year later, was ** ** Faculty of Management, responding to new trends in economic development. Youngest faculty of Charles University is the ** Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences **, established in 2002 which culminated in its present format and structure of the school faculty.

Children == == Comenius University In addition to faculty and other departments and activities organized by the Charles University Children's Uni­versity **. ** This is a joint project of the University Theatre and the Arena, which became operational in 2003. It is intended for all inquisitive children 9 to 14 years and is a sort of summer school, at which lectures by renowned professors and scientists from different Slovak and foreign schools. University Children's annual holiday Wednesday, the first matriculation ceremony of children, students and transfer specific indices, T-shirts and caps. During the summer, it held a total of eight lectures, with the last one is a graduation of successful graduates. Besides lectures, however, children can participate in workshops (such as hip-hop, architectural or chess). More information about Children's Comenius University can be found on the „“:

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