He did not have to login to Miss Acadamia? It's not too late! Added:5.1. 2011
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He did not have to login to Miss Acadamia? It's not too late!

Although recruitment campaign for Miss Academia ** 2011 ** on the competition website officially ended on 31 December 2010 zájemkyně that this term is escaping, still have a chance to sign up. Event organizers for the first time will be accepting applications for the castings in Prague and Brno. The first is to be held 7th ** ** January, at the Prague Hilton Hotel. Another will be held a week later, 14th ** ** January, and the venue will be clarified in time. University students who still want to participate in the competition, and escaping from the web registration, must arrive within 11 hours.

Girls seeking the title of Miss Academia must study full-or part-time study at either high or higher vocational school in the Czech Republic and must not be more than 26 years. Additional condition of registration of the certificate of studies (or index of ISIC), identity card, black evening dresses and swimsuits.

Contents of the casting under the PR manager and spokesperson Jean Cvernové generate knowledge and IQ tests, then interview with the jury and ultimately insurmountable, of course, swimsuit promenade. The jury members are representatives of the media partners of the project, but also experts from various professional fields.

The competition will take place already for the fifteenth time and stand behind the students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Her organization is filling the core subject Communication Agency, who can test the performance of the preparation and organization of the major events.

More information about the competition visit „www.missacade­mia.cz“: http://www.missacademia.cz/.

Source: „web.utb.cz“: http://web.utb.cz/?…

Author: Černá, Lucie

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