The Special Branch: Software Engineering Added:12.1. 2011
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The Special Branch: Software Engineering

Software engineering is a young and rapidly developing field of study, who also gradually vydobývá place at Czech universities. If you are interested in science, but would like to specialize in it, software engineering is one of the options.

** Where ** is studying software engineering

If you want the report bachelor of software engineering, there will not you, before you apply for „Czech Technical University“: The CTU, however, you choose – this is the field displayed on the „Faculty of Electrical Engineering“: the program software engineering and management, as well as „Faculty of Information Technology“: http://www . under a program of science, on the faculty can also study the field-site in English. As the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology it is possible to study the field and combined form. The „Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering“:…Default.aspx?… opens branch „Software engineering economics“: http://jaderka.fjfi.cvut. cz/node/47.

Study at CTU does not necessarily mean studying in Prague. Bachelor of software engineering economics is also possible to graduate in Decin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering has again outside the workplace „Šumperk in Sezimovo Usti in Trutnov“:…externi.html. It should be in Šumperk for applicants outside of Prague opened undergraduate software engineering and management, but in the academic year 2010/2011, this option is eventually canceled for lack of interest. In the coming years, however, the situation may be different.

If you are interested in learning master of software engineering, you have a choice of two universities. Apart from the Czech Technical University, where you can study again, this time and combined study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology (which also offers a full-time study in English), will also offer full-time study or the „University of West Bohemia“: on the „Faculty of Applied Sciences“: Open a Master degree in software engineering is now preparing a „High School of Economics“:…enyrstvi-si/ in Prague, namely Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. Its aim is to allow the opening of this field since the summer semester 2010/2011.

** ** The content of studies

Graduates of this field will have a basic knowledge of science, like logic, mathematical analysis, algorithms, linear algebra, statistics, or the ICT systems. During the first year students will receive theoretical foundation of computer science and mathematics, as well as to learn programming, learn something as well as the hardware and then choose the specific industry subjects such as algorithms to be effective or object modeling. At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering students choose a further specialization, either, „developer of software systems“, „Administrator software systems“ or „Application software systems.“

** ** Graduate profile

Software engineering graduate will be able to develop independently or in team software products in sufficient quality. It may be a network administrator, software or database system or server administrator. The graduate can also work as a consultant or analyst software systems and technologies or operating system administrator, can also be applied in the development of firmware. Can find employment in almost any company using information technology.

** Items **

Besides the areas already mentioned above, the software engineering can meet with subjects such as codes and safety, computer networks, databases, programming in various languages, web and enterprise applications, or even XML. Courses are of course different in different faculties, information about them, however, can be found on their website.

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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