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University Preschool Peas Added:4.1. 2011
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University Preschool Peas

Press news

Many municipalities not manage to respond to demographic trends in the number of births and the parents will have difficulty to place their children in nurseries. The problem of insufficient capacity of public preschools solve commercial entities that constitute the company's own nursery.

Similar difficulties are also employees of the Mendel University in Brno (Mendel), and therefore there was born the idea for the construction and operation of university facilities care for preschool children, staff and students. The emergence of kindergarten at MENDELU can be understood as including one of the tools support for young workers at the university. The aim is to build well-equipped nursery schools registered in the register, which will offer a quality educational program, working conditions appropriate to the needs of children and parents and will be led by professionally qualified personnel. Preschool should be a rich program (eg through interest groups) and in the later afternoon when the University is teaching.

To determine the interests of employees and students about the emergence of a kindergarten on campus was organized a survey on-line form. During one month, it expressed ** 1136 respondents, of which 95% agree with the establishment of the university nursery **. The number of children that parents put into the university kindergarten, is two hundred and first

Poll results are posted on the website of the University of labor unions (…by_sz/odbory) and were also posted on the workshop for staff and students in November 2010. ** Implementation project team „University Nursery Peas“ ** staff presented a workshop on how the process of formation and operation of the nursery is that everything was in line with current legislation and to ensure the best possible care for children. At the same time presented a solution that would be for the university minimize economic burdens.

Supporting universities, representatives of trade unions, staff and students is only the first step towards establishing a nursery school. The project is also necessary to have clear ideas about its financing. Here, the team drew on experience at other universities (in Olomouc, or TBU) and finally to the Technical University in Prague, in October last year the university opened a kindergarten „lions CTU“.

Costs can be divided into two groups. To finance the investment costs associated with the conversion space is envisaged development projects, the Ministry of Education. To finance the construction and operation of corporate childcare facilities for pre-school children can also be used by the European Social Fund. Non-investment funds are a part of the project with the working title „University Nursery Peas“, which could be presented to the challenges of the OP HRE in the first quarter of 2011. In promoting equal opportunities for men and women in the labor market and to reconcile work and family life, research organizations can apply for subsidies for corporate preschool up to 8 million. Administered part of the project in this grant program must be an architectural study and construction project. Therefore, in November filed a request for a contribution to the Foundation endowment CEZ, which should support this.

Interest in the emergence of university nursery mapping implementation team throughout the entire university, not only from parents who would like to put it to his children. Also includes an interesting offer of cooperation in the preparation of the interiors and exteriors of future kindergarten, such as a processing theses. The pioneers of this idea at the university believe that their efforts will be successful and that we manage to build high-quality preschool MENDELU at an appropriate level to meet parents' expectations and will be fully satisfied and happy children.

To support the university planned for the spring kindergarten tr number of other events, such as „Plant peas for peas,“ or masquerade ball for future customers, small nurseries.

For team: Ing. Lucie Janečková

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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