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PEF Mendel in Brno opens the door to prospective students Added:4.1. 2011
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PEF Mendel in Brno opens the door to prospective students

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Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno (PEF), offers a study of not only economic, but also the fields of computer extraordinary opportunity to become familiar with its surroundings before submitting applications. Faculty of them opens its doors on 7 First, 21 1st and 11 2nd 2011 each from 13 Q01 hours in the classroom in Building Q on the experience they share with current students.

Applicants will be able to see such specialized classrooms, meet faculty information system and basic information on study programs. Attention will certainly attract a unique opportunity to visit the workplace – a virtual reality laboratory. Applicants are thus offers a unique opportunity to obtain information directly from students PEF, who this day for the candidates themselves held. Those faculty to implement it and share with them about their experiences.

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  • „While the 11th March still some time left, it is preferable to fill out and submit the application in electronic form already during January or February, "notes Marc Sevela *, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. * "As applications, and run on an electronic PEF and the whole entrance test, which allows participants to know the admission procedure, the result immediately after the test,“ * adds Sevela.

A study of the FEM is a growing concern, as shown by the statistics of entrance examinations for the economic faculty in Brno in recent years. Faculty also received the 2010 award for Best Business School in Moravia (in the ranking of best universities in the country). This rating also reflects the high rate of graduates. More than 97% of the graduates within 6 months after graduation find a qualified job in the field.

The PR department FBE Ing. Jiri Urbanek

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