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Czech language in Germany. Why not? Added:21.1. 2011
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Czech language in Germany. Why not?

Student Bohemistics and Religious Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, Bc Březinová Hank (24), with us talking about what it's like to study abroad in the Czech and Erasmus why not be just about endless parties.

Czech === Studying in Germany – it is quite special. Why it was interesting for you? === I especially wonder how they deal with the Czech language and literature, especially in foreign countries in general. During her studies at home a person will experience some of the information or emphasis is still on the authors and the like. So I wonder if it's the same elsewhere too. I also wanted to know how many people abroad studying language and why.

Did you actually have to feel like home, right?

As far as distance from home, so actually, yes. It is in Prague a couple of hours away. In the study it was basically too, because some teachers proficient in Czech (there were both Czechs and Germans, and even a Czech fluent speaking American), a few classmates were from Bohemia, or some had someone from the family, who came from us – Granny , grandfathers. But bohemistika there is not great and it is part of the Institute of Slavic Studies, so that teaching took place mostly in German.

How do we as a nation by the Germans perceive you? Valid there any favorite cliché?

As we take the Germans, I am a stay did not reveal much, especially since she Erasmus-community is quite specific and very German in that one can not. From Germany were only some classmates, but as I said, many of them to the Czech Republic has some links, and so is their relationship to Bohemia good. What surprised me, however much it was, as seen in Germany, Jan Hus – not as celebrated in our country, but is perceived as a rebel, and basically as an ideological leader of the thugs – Hussites.

What is Germany's interest in Czech culture at all?

The interest in Czech culture, we can work with others to try out the Czechs in Regensburg during the International tag, in which volunteers can be from different countries to create a stand and introduce your country to other students and teachers. Czech stand was this year (as in previous years, as we know it) favorite – and not just because of what we have baked with friends. We introduced various regions of the Republic and important personalities of our history. I think it was nice and a lot of people we might inspire you to visit.

Czech stand was a success

You have studied in Regensburg, a smaller but significant city. What do you equip first, when the half year to remember?

It is a beautiful city, full of small corners, park, as well as cafes and shops, or look at the city of Steinerbrücke.

When you say an Erasmus, a lot of people think of endless partying, traveling, and little learning. Would you agree with that?

Too Sun I think when Erasmus and stay true: what can a man make, such it has. I went to Germany with the fact that I want to learn something about how it can be seen on Czech literature and culture and also to test their own abilities. So I wrote down courses that really interested me, although it was not entirely recreational courses. Also endless parties are not entirely my favorite pastime, you'll go much rather sit with friends somewhere else where I avoid stepping on the head – and within the Erasmus-stay too can. Traveling with friends, we tried, and so we passed at least part of the picturesque Bavaria to the travel time is always found.

What for you was the hardest?

Get used to it that speaks to me everyone at school and in German – it makes me tired sometimes. But soon you get used to it.

What surprised you the most?

As well there has been mastered organization Erasmus. Indeed, I have nothing to complain about. Coordinators at the Akademisches Auslandsamt were very nice, willing to help with anything and a lot of things for us – Erasmáky arranged themselves or us up a lot of things easier. For this they deserve great thanks.

She chose you as well next time?

Definitely. I was in Regensburg, Germany, and especially very happy, I had much more time on things that I enjoy, yet I also learned many interesting things. Definitely worth it!

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