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The second module of the Bridge and a workshop for Innovation (B4I) Added:6.1. 2011
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The second module of the Bridge and a workshop for Innovation (B4I)

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The Bridge Project for Innovation (B4I), which is the University of South Bohemia implemented from 1 January 2010 was held on 30 November 2010 Incentive and stimulating workshop and No. 2 on 1 – 3 December 2010 Skill Training Module No. 2 Press reports on actions undertaken by both the project B4I see below or visit the project B4I.

** Motivating and stimulating workshop No. 2 project B4I **

On 30 November 2010 held in the premises of Academic Libraries University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice Motivating and stimulating workshop (MSW) project B4I with serial number 2

This second MSW from the planned series of six workshops had a specific subtitle „… focused on biotechnology.“ The participants are gradually introduced four speakers (three from University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice and one of the Biology Centre AS CR) on the following topics in biotechnology:

Prospective species of fish in aquaculture / Tomas Policar Climate change will affect population dynamics of spruce bark beetles? / Petr Dolezal Research ticks – the possibility of use in medicine and diagnostics / Jan Sterba Molecular analysis of breeding and rearing practices / Lenka Hanusová

Nearly 40 participants MSW appreciated very positive theme of this second workshop, but also the quality of presenters and organizational security. Speakers were rewarded for quality presentations that were developed by request of the organizers of the elements pointing to cooperation with industry, a number of interesting questions and stimulating ideas.

During the informal networking after the workshop was able to obtain a number of mutual contacts and establish the beginnings of new partnerships. Minimum three suggestions might end up implementing a business plan or application-oriented thesis. Just to motivation and stimulation to new partnerships leading to the implementation of new practice in the applicable plans are implemented MSW.

In March next year will be held on the same site MSW with serial number 3 and you can expect a special surprise … The theme will focus on popularizing the results of research and development with specific focus on academic cooperation and the application sphere.

Link: Report and the presentations from the second stimulus and Motivational Workshop on the Web project B4I

** Skill Training Module No. 2 project B4I **

On 1 to 3 December 2010 conference held in the hotel Frymburk Skill Training Module (DTM) project B4I with serial number 2

DTM are focused on increasing knowledge and skills of participants in various areas, which meet every day at their workplaces in terms of universities or research institutes. The course is designed as a DTM most intense involvement with the game elements and model situations, the organization takes place outside the home for 3 days and to a limited group of 15 participants. DTM are so focused on quality rather than quantity with maximum emphasis on interactive participation of all participants.


This second DTM of a planned series of six modules focused on research and development and in October continued the DTM, which was devoted to the problems of tertiary education.


Module accompanied by top instructors with extensive experience in research and development in the country, but especially from abroad.

David Kolman is an expert on European research policy and research funding. In the past, he served as director and research fellow Czech Liaison Office for R & D in Brussels, or as a manager of European research projects. Currently works as a consultant, presenter, negotiators OP.

„Research and Development-European connections“ – presentations focused on R & D policy from the perspective of the EU and the process of drafting this policy, an overview of grant resources, especially European and preparation and implementation of projects.

[* * Untitled.jpg]

Uhlir, David is an expert on development policy, the interaction between research and business community, the role of universities in regional development, economic growth strategies based on knowledge, innovation policy and trade policy development, including the role of foreign direct investment in regional development. Experiences from the European Commission, CzechInvest, MA OP etc. From December this year will begin work in South Innovation Centre.

„Trends in R & D policy abroad and their reflection in the Republic“ – the presentation was focused Czech grant resources, research policy and its direction in the following period. The presentation was emphasized that the Czech R & D can not do in the next period, without introducing common elements such as corporate culture, quality management, promotion orders, motivating and stimulating elements, interdisciplinarity teams, etc.

Otakar Fojt acts as a scientific attaché at the British Embassy in Prague, has extensive knowledge in the sector of innovation and technology transfer, an excellent overview of the Czech, British and European research programs, policies and strategies. It is also the principal inventor or co-author of two U.S. patents. Training courses carried out in many fields at home and abroad

„Science, Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer – the British experience.“ Presentations focused on research and development in Great Britain. The presentation was directly packed with a number of case studies, statistical data, benchmarking, diagrams and recommendations. Very interesting approach was mainly the British understanding of R & D as a tool for strengthening the competitiveness of the economy.

Ales Vlk consultant on educational policy and human resources development, technical project sponsor and owner of the Ministry of Education focused on lecturing and translation services. The DTM has a cross-sectional lecturer.

Jan Stejskal consultant on innovation policy, a member of expert groups, an expert on education and innovation infrastructure, HP is the owner of Innovations. The DTM has a cross-sectional lecturer.


During this module were awarded a total of two teamwork. Total 15 participants were divided into three five-member groups. Each group had a color-coded (yellow, green and blue band).

The first team's work was focused on the preparation of project applications to the current challenges in FP7 Due to the complexity and bulkiness of the task teams to work until all hours of the morning. The following morning was because the deadline to submit projects and presentations of the project plan before the three-member jury consisting Kolman, Uhlir and Fojt. The performance of the task reflects the fact that the jury recommended, despite the quality of all projects, only one project for funding. The greatest benefit of this task is the reality and the fact that the success of raising funds from foreign sources is at JU and BC is extremely poor.

The second task team was focused on the issue of technology transfer. Ju and BC is currently preparing a joint project of the OP, PO3 – Technology Transfer Centre. As many participants of this module is the future customer service centers for technology transfer, the task was focused on obtaining feedback for future customers of these services. From this feedback clearly indicated that at present, especially completely lacks legal support (Model business relationships), business and marketing support (the ability to product / service value to offer and sell), but also financial support (license fund for seed fund, etc. )


All 15 participants recognized the DTM very positively to the unusual conditions of Czech education solutions that are beyond the acquisition of knowledge intensely focused on developing the skills of all participants.

[* * 4.jpg]

[* * 5.jpg]

In March next year will take place on the DTM with the serial number 3 on the same spot, but on „Cooperation with industry.“ It is already in negotiations on this module for the role of one of the lecturers CEO of one of the leading Czech companies whose annual turnover overlap one billion Czech crowns.

Link: Report and the presentations from the second skill training module on the project site B4I

Department of Development, 6 12th 2010

OVV, 13 12th 2010

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