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University of Pardubice, holds open days Added:7.1. 2011
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University of Pardubice, holds open days

Press news

On Thursday 13 January will be launched at the University of Pardubice series of open days which are held during the month of January for admission to higher studies faculty of the University.

First, those interested in university study visit on Thursday 13 January next two faculties – Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Health Studies. When these are followed in the next few days in January open days at other four faculties.

University of Pardubice

** Faculty ** ** Open Day ** ** Preparatory Course ** ** applications to study in the Bachelor **
Jan Perner Transport Faculty ** Thursday, the 13th January ** (10:00 University Auditorium) mathematics and physics (up to accepted applicants) .
      15th March
Faculty of Health Studies ** Thursday, the 13th January ** (15:30 in the Faculty of Industrial Street 395)    
      28th February
Faculty of Economics and Administration ** Friday, the 14th January ** (10:00 and 13:00 University Auditorium) mathematics  
      28th February
Faculty of Chemical Technology ** Tuesday, the 18th January ** (10:00 of the faculty in the area of ​​campus)   31st March
Faculty of Arts ** Thursday, the 20th January ** (9:00, 11:00 and 13:00 Hall University – according to the relevant disciplines) English, German, Humanities, Philosophy and Social Anthropology 28 February
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ** Friday, the 21st January ** (10:00 new faculty building for us. com. Legion 565)   31st March
Faculty Restoration ** (November 2010) **   3 June

Faculty, University of Pardubice ** offer candidates a wide range of disciplines, many fields of study ** (67 degree programs with 127 fields of undergraduate study in which 27 programs with 55 branches). In the study of the possibility to spend one or two semesters ** at partner universities abroad **.

During the open days will be able to prospective students at a university in Pardubice ** For detailed information about the study and offer admission procedure ** for the academic year 2011/2012, the study background and other conditions of university study and life at the University of Pardubice, but as well as career opportunities after graduation.

The program includes open days ** ** ** TOURS are interesting faculty laboratories and classrooms, a modern complex ** university campus, which is also a university library, university and college canteen, tělovýchovný complex and more comfortable facilities for study and leisure time undergraduates.

Some faculties offer in the first months of 2011 ** ** PREPARATION COURSES, which should help prospective students prepare for entrance examinations, where candidates for admission to the Faculty of place, or help them cope better with some subjects in the first months of his own university study.

All interested parties are the days of the Faculty of the University of Pardubice cordially invited.

** NEW ONLINE SERVICE INFOSERVIS for prospective students **

Those interested in studying at the University of Pardubice can use the new information service of the university and the comforts of home to go get all the necessary information for enrollment and to university straight to your inbox.

The only thing candidates need to do is: sign up for the newsletter on the website of the university. Electronic information services to them, the necessary information and facts for entry to high school send. Service of sending information to interested parties registered as provided by the university for free.

The advantage of registration is přednostní ** ** obtain current information on admission procedures, the opportunity to learn information from one or more faculties, admission tests to obtain samples from previous years and hints and tips such as how to properly fill out the application form. Last but not least, information on the university campus, the students' canteen, dormitory housing and leisure activities of undergraduates from Pardubice.

Moreover! – ** Every 100th Registered candidates will receive a gift – 2 GB flash drive .**

Registration may be interested in a new information service can also be done using the latest technology, right from your phone via the so-called QR code. Capturing special shapes formed by black and white square blocks to transfer data and connect directly to the website of the University of Pardubice, where the candidates shall register to receive the latest news and information on admission procedure.

Find out more about candidates for higher education Web sites and jednotivých university faculties, the number of printed materials, more detailed questions answered by the various departments of study and counseling centers, faculties, and not only declared open days door.

  • Degree of separation of faculties – despite the telephone exchange 466 036 111 – you can also call for free via and profile of the University of Pardubice *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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