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Admissions to the Mendel University in Brno Added:7.1. 2011
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Admissions to the Mendel University in Brno

Press news

Mendel University in Brno is the oldest of agriculture and forestry studies in the Czech lands. It was established in 1919 as the Agricultural University in Brno and under this name until 1994.

During its existence, has undergone many organizational and content changes and prepare for careers in various spheres of national economy and the practice areas of several tens of thousands of experts.

"We are currently studying at our university over eleven thousand students. The most popular degree programs at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Agronomy and the third and fourth fall of Forestry and Wood Science and Horticulture. Great interest is also studying the new Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, said Vice-Rector for Education Miroslav Havlicek.

„Admission varies by faculty, and we recommend meet the university web pages with their terms, ie when and how the application should be made to study,“ advises Vice.

What are the needs and knowledge of candidates can generally say that the adoption decision marks the average high school graduation exams and in some faculties of the National benchmarks SCIO and artistic disciplines, with focus (or production of furniture, garden and landscape architecture) and aptitude tests.

"All those interested in studying at our university, I would recommend visiting Open Days, where they have the opportunity to see the campus and its facilities, provide the necessary information about the study, including study abroad, accommodation, meals and sports. It can also help them in their decisions, "Vice added.

Accurate information can prospective students get to, or at individual schools.

** Faculty ** ** Dates for Open Days ** ** place and time ** ** ** Website
Faculty of Agriculture 7 January, 21 January 4th February Q01 at 10 am
Forestry and Wood Technology 28 January B02 from 10 am
Faculty of Business and Economics 7 January, 21 January, 11 February Q01
Horticulture 2 February FH Fridge from 10.30 hours
Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies 14 January, 28 January, 18 February in the building from the street class. General Peaks 7 from 13 hours­
Lifelong Learning Institute   Building ICV

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