Big competition for the ISIC 7x Lenovo Laptop Added:7.1. 2011
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Big competition for the ISIC 7x Lenovo Laptop

** Jesus walks with ISIC this year at the end of January – you ask why? The ice is learn if you just won the You / and one of seven laptops Lenovo or any of the bills from the bookstore Neouxor! **

ISIC They all year comes with thousands of benefits in the Czech Republic and countless worldwide. We are constantly striving to work on it, so I brought your ISIC precisely those discounts that you need for your student life.

With the ISIC, ITIC or IYTC you can enjoy discounts such as:

• enjoy pizza pizzeria in 1 +1 Einstein in Prague Pizzeria In Kalvoda, Brno, and others • With ISIC can also get money – enough to keep you founded / a account at Komerčky and automatically you will get 200 kaček, • When traveling, it is good to take with them their guardian angel, and if not him, so at least properly insured. With ISIC, ITIC and IYTC you can take advantage of exclusive offers annual travel insurance from UNIQA from 200 CZK • discounts on travel, such as Student Agency is 15% on international lines, • You can save a taxi, such as SpeedCars, Blue Angel, or Pilsen tortoises, • With ISIC you can enjoy winter in the Czech Republic with discounts up to 30%, or use the offer ski holidays to the Alps with a discount of up to 10% • Although summer is now behind us, but we are preparing the next festival season with the best discount Film Boulder Fest is for you, so you can enjoy the Colours of Ostrava, Rock for People, or Sazavafest for student prices.

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** … Is enough, what can you do … with the ISIC **

** For us here, but it does not stop! **

As a small „** THANK YOU **“ We have for you in cooperation with Lenovo ** ** ** bookstores and Neoluxor ** ISIC prepared a great contest! As a student definitely need to book in Neoluxor find exactly the ones you need, plus a 10% discount!

What is today's world without modern computer technology? Lenovo is typical of high quality, modern design and cool things možstvím which allows you to not only surf the internet, play games, watch movies, but also prepare Thy seminárka, thesis – whatever you need!

On it, you could win one of 7 Lenovo laptop or vouchers for books from Neoluxor a total of 15 000, just one! Get lucky and guess correctly you, ** which saw traffic to websites exactly September 1, 2010 .**

Competing you „here“:

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