UWB revoked illegally issued diplomas magistrům rights Added:9.1. 2011
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UWB revoked illegally issued diplomas magistrům rights

Commission review of studies of graduates and the rigorous management of the Faculty of Law, University of West Bohemia examined a total of 44 graduates of the offending, which recommended more detailed investigations to possible initiation of revocation Master university degree, abbreviated as „Mgr.“.

Administrative revocation of a diploma was launched with 41 students, 3 patients showed good compliance study requirements, previous studies at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

Deficiencies identified during the administrative proceedings

1st Handling the admission procedure 2nd Illegal length of study 3rd Non-course requirements 4th The errors in the organization of state final exams 5th Substandard management diploma work

The decision to cancel the university diploma proceed only when the accumulation of more tangible and illegal shortcomings, one of which will have a direct impact on the content of study and student it had to be aware of.

Administrative revocation of a diploma was also initiated with 200 bachelors degree holders and 9 Ph.D.

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