The Special Field: Plant Added:17.1. 2011
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The Special Field: Plant

Plant is a field whose existence will please fans of both nature and art lovers. Indeed combines both. Its main aim is to ensure proper functioning of the agricultural production in regions with different specificities, not only in terms of its practical operation, but the overall organization and its impact on the environment and economics.

== What is the Plant

The subject is given by the Plant has its very title – it is the field of providing (among others) the technical operation of agricultural production with focus on crop production (PP-preposition refers to the plants).

Plant == == as a Field of Study Plant in our schools can be found either as a separate field or as a study program that specializes in the sub-disciplines (such as the Czech Agricultural University offers the bachelor's and master's degree program follow-up study Crop Production Plant, additionally continuing Master Study Nutrition and Protection plants). In addition to knowledge of agricultural production (from preparation of seed and agricultural chemicals through the cultivation of conventional and specialty crops, their storage and distribution) and technology brings to its listeners field orientation in services related to agriculture, the possibilities for agricultural research, technology and growing knowledge of many others.

Featured items == == In the study the students can meet with subjects such as the cultivation of various kinds of seeds and plants in general (grains, root crops, industrial crops, etc.), crop production, agricultural chemistry and plant nutrition, genetics and plant breeding, plant protection, processing of vegetable products, Forage etc.

Profile == graduate

Graduates are able to distinguish such as adequate forms of cultivation (depending on the region pěstby, climate and other natural and technical conditions), can do to provide post-harvest treatment of plant production and its storage, prepare plant material for processing, etc. At the same time aware of the current legislative environment surrounding the Agricultural production (plant protection, environment etc..) and the available resources and tools provided by the State or the European Union. Furthermore, gaining theoretical and practical knowledge to provide consulting services in the area of ​​plant products and services for crop production (appropriate accreditation for counseling in agriculture can be found in other studies). Master's degree students are already prepared for an already narrowly profiled management activities aimed at implementation of production systems in agriculture or for working in different areas of landscape.

== Graduates

Graduates with bachelor's degrees can be applied in a wide range of businesses and companies operating at different levels of agricultural production and plant breeding. They hold management positions (especially in the lower and middle management) in agricultural production and its associated operations, but also in public administration. Graduates of master shall be applied as professionals and managers in different types of businesses and the agricultural department of government, especially in the institutions governing the development of rural regions and care for the environment, the commercial sector, services and consulting for agriculture, agricultural education and research. Graduates of master's studies at the University of South Bohemia, for example, in addition to the above-mentioned areas the opportunity to position itself as an agricultural experts for the piedmont and mountain areas in accordance with specific conditions and requirements of these regions.

Where to Plant study

  • ** Mendel University in Brno **

** Agriculture ** gakulta Bachelor's program: ** ** Agrobiology Bachelor Study: Plant ** ** (3 years, P) Related Master's program: ** Plant ** Follow-Up Master Study: Plant ** ** (2 years, P) Website: ":…imaci_rizeni

  • ** Accessible CZECH Bc **

** Faculty of Agriculture ** Related Master's program: ** Plant ** Follow-Up Master Study: Plant ** ** (2 years, P) Website: ":…nich-oborech


** Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources ** Degree program: ** Plant ** Bachelor Study: Crop Production ** ** (3 years, P / K) Related Master's program: ** Plant ** Follow-Up Master Study: ** ** Crop production (2 years, P / K) ** Nutrition and Plant Protection ** (2 years, P)

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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