Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus will discuss in Prague Added:18.1. 2011
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Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus will discuss in Prague

Bata Shoe Foundation, The Foundation, along with Tomas Bata University in Zlín invites a public debate with Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Muhammad Yunus **. ** The debate will take place on Tuesday, the 25th ** ** January 2011 in two hours in the Palace of the Slavic Zofin Island in Prague 1 Together with Professor Yunus will discuss also the founder and current director of the People in Need ** ** Simon Panek and member of the National Economic Council, Vladimir Dlouhy **. ** The debate will be translated from English into Czech.

Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel prize for a very successful concept of microcredit. It is providing small loans to poor entrepreneurs, for which until then impossible to obtain credit from traditional banks. This type of loan to help poor Bangladéšanům raise money for ordinary living.

The capacity of the lecture is limited, so it should be ** until 19 January ** book a place at

The event is part lecture series Thomas J. Bata on the topic of responsible capitalism.

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