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Reporter: Which of them will be Miss Academia? Added:19.1. 2011
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Reporter: Which of them will be Miss Academia?

Benches full of bags with malovátky, tights and scattered pieces of clothing. This unusual looking one of the classrooms of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology in January, the second Friday. Five dozen girls there preparing for the casting of Miss Academia 2011th

College classroom it hummed. „What is so they can ask about?“ „Maybe they want to comment on the questionnaire, we complement.“ „I hope that they will not discuss the test …“

Similar could be heard whispering class in which girls nervously fidgeted with the desire to aspire to the title of Miss college. Fourteenth of January, BUT in the Brno area met candidates who not come to the casting to the Hilton Hotel in Prague. After the hallways and students poured in suits going to trial in physics and girls in black dress in high heels, which came to convince the jury of its wings and corners.

„Cherubic, devilishly clever“ – that's the slogan of this year's project with the slogan „Miss, which has (with) mind.“ Beauty contest Miss Academia from most other events differ in several points. In addition to the emphasis on intelligence finalists, which is in bankruptcy uncover test, it is primarily an organization. It is associated with practically oriented course at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín. The whole competition is the work of students who are preparing for the nationwide project testing theoretical knowledge from lectures in practice. Every year with the task of trying to organize a competition running to deal a new team, usually from the sophomore field of marketing communications. „It is this emphasis on the experience I brought to the faculty,“ says second-year student Mark Klos, who managed to lead the project. In addition to Miss Academia his classmates organized several major events in Zlín as rag, or awards BUsFEsT Salvatore (more on the subject of Communication agentra „here“:

[Miss00.jpg * ] * The jury had the task to select five angelic beautiful and devilishly clever girls .

The whole competition has two rounds. Preliminary casting, where the finalists will arise, and the final. Compared to last year, when the Prague casting attended fifty girls and ladies in Zlin twenty, this year the ratio between Bohemia and Moravia reversed. „I guess it also helped change the place of casting, who moved to Brno,“ says Mark. Brno, said in addition to greater participation (forty-eight girls came over thirty-two in Prague) surpassed the capital and the quality of contestants. „The impression of the girls you came today, I definitely positive,“ said the other juror Peter Kubicek.

Where it takes girl, who eventually won the title of Miss Academia? At both competitions, it looks the same: student must succeed in three disciplines. For knowledge and IQ test can get twenty-four points for discussion in formal dress and ten points in a swimsuit at the mall also ten points. Among the ten most successful casting of the girls from the jury through preferential votes will decide the top five advancing to the final. Five and five brings together ten finalists participating in the gala evening in the Municipal Theatre in Zlín.

„The test compiles and implementation team through a three-stage control. There are challenges there as resembling an IQ test, so the knowledge questions on the current ministers of a neighboring country or a state historical monument. Competitors can therefore get a larger half points only for their knowledge,“ explains Mark . It is really difficult to test? „This year, none of the girls reached the full number, but in Prague was one that lacked a single point,“ says.

[Miss02.jpg * ] * in formal dress with individual girls represented and responded to questions the jury .

Final word to the jury. Four judges in Brno consisted of representatives of the student magazine Student Peter Kubicek, manager Mark Klose, Kamila Lawn of the fashion studio Romana Ševčíková last year's winner Catherine Kubáčková. „The jurors have the opportunity to watch the girls and herself back to realize what behavior and what has pleasantly distracting vice versa, and where I was last year to improve something,“ appreciates the new experience of Catherine, who is studying management at the University of Ostrava in the nonprofit sector. Influenced by last year's crown of Miss Academia somehow her studies? "Not me, of course, teachers favor, it would bother me alone. But some teachers are not learned and had fun. And of course friends too, "she told Catherine, while the girls dressed in the last discipline.

After the parade in swimsuits are hungry girls flocked to the machine with sticks and bagels. „Well, now we can!“ Joked one of them. Waiting half an hour talking to some shortening, another friend let her tame tension, other mischievously ran down the hallway and figured out how to entertain. „We like the one arranged in a pub with five friends, try it, for what it is, it's fun and nice experience, right?“ She laughed lightly Martina Svobodová from the Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University. Two of them ultimately did not want to go to Brno, so the day of casting for the morning bus met three. „You have somehow prepared to participate?“ I asked the girls and just laughed. „Yesterday, I washed her hair and painted the morning,“ Martin shrugged classmate Čečotková made and continue to pose kamarádčina lens. None of the trio with the procedure apparently did not break your head too.

But special education student at the University of Tomas Bata Veronika Šticová openly admitted that came to win. „It was the fifth beauty contest, which I attend, so I hope it works out. Last year, my casting unfortunately burst unexpected event, so I finally could not compete, but this year I hope Zadar. “

[Miss03.jpg * ] * Promenade in bikini she was without words .

It was not the only one that came before the jury was half as veteran model. Several girls took with him to talk in formal dress and your portfolio. During the break, then boiled dressing room excitedly calls the girls about who has what and where the experience. Jealous of each other a little lady? „I do not think so,“ she said Veronika.

The smile on her face lasted until the end. She managed to impress the jury and found it among the five selected girls who will strive for this year's crown. But it was nerves. The jury announced the first ten girls with the most points and the tens of minutes, then choked questions such as: „I will sing to us?“, „How will you celebrate your success?“ Or „Which one of you could not bear to go with the hockey player, footballer or a rich businessman?“. As the day because the atmosphere was more informal. Also, girls were trying to conceal the growing nerves jokes with jurors. Shortly after four o'clock, then last year's Miss Academia Catherine read the five two-digit numbers. Nepostupivší Miss your face and trying to keep the attention of the happier yielded five, who personally congratulated the present organizational te­am.

The second casting is successfully completed. The impression of him is nice. Just my little zamrzelo the ladies, who in his demeanor attracted me the most, did not advance. Lawyer, who made between psychological research on prisoners, and the unusual-looking girl who is not ashamed to admit that he loves now rather despised manual work such as sewing and crocheting. But why wonder, tastes differ, the jury sat in the superiority of men, despite the knowledge test is still primarily the Miss Academia beauty contests.

Before the team from the Faculty of media communications, is now the most important part of the work – to organize a grand gala, which will bring together the many important personalities, and so finish his school work for several months. As they succeed, we will see in March.

[Miss01.jpg * ] * Ten girls from Brno's most successful casting .

Photos by Marcel Janik

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