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Public, private or public? Added:19.1. 2011
Updated:14.12. 2012
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Public, private or public?

As the increasingly louder and talk about the possible introduction of tuition fees at public and state schools, the students begin to hear more and more debate about whether it will not be such a difference between whether you submit an application to a private or state or public school. But the choice of college would definitely decide not only the financial level of study …

One of the most discussed topics regarding whether to choose a private or public high school is probably a question of quality. This, however, particularly in connection with the affair, which in recent years have emerged around several public universities, takes new dimensions. Unilateral findings of the „private school is poor, because the operator does not matter either way on the extent of education candidates, let alone graduate, but rather the profit which of them will have“ long been compromised. The game also gets the question of motivation vyučujícících, mainly with regard to their salaries, which may particularly in state institutions quite different from employees in the private schools. Last but not least, the candidates are increasingly emerging concerns about whether the diploma after graduation will receive will have „its“ incorrectness of other graduates in the future, even some weight. As seen, the decision whether the quest for the ultimate studio-quality education to choose private or public school, is not exactly clear.

Structure === Czech higher education

According to the website of the Ministry of Education in our country is currently registered on the „45 private universities“:…kromych-skol, of which the vast majority of the non-university type. These very first began to emerge after 1999 when new Higher Education Act, which establishment of schools of this type possible. That same year, was Banking Institute in Prague, followed by European Kunovice Polytechnic Institute and University in Prague hotel. The youngest has a private school here, which is a branch of Slovak origin of Pan-European universities, ops, founded in 2009. Among private universities outweigh those that focus on economics. Public high schools are in our ‚two‘:…bove-stranky, University of Defence and the Police Academy, and in our public schools, see "A total of 26 ":…ysokych-skol. The youngest of them is the College of Technology and Economics, which was founded five years ago in the Czech Budejovice.

Sore point: tuition

The tuition fees of private schools to decide their founder, and therefore the individual schools can vary considerably. In general, however, that the level generally begins at about 30 thousand a year, but the exception is not necessary nor osmdesátitisícové amount. The final amount of the tuition fee is usually signed by the reputation and quality of schools, composition of the teaching staff, school location, character and attractiveness of its branches and whether they are offered in Czech or another language, then whether they included any additional services and much more . Combination studies are usually cheaper, some schools also offer the possibility of repayment. Currently, also talks about the possible introduction of tuition fees to public universities (not yet in school is only valid for a longer or further study – see ‚here‘:…-magisterske -fields-their-or-concurrent-sequential-study-and-option-transfer). The manner and date of their choice (ie whether it will be up when you graduate finds a job and starts earning a predetermined amount of money or otherwise), and particularly the amount (yet to be considered for amounts between 10 and 20 per thousand year) is now still hard to speculate. Even the fact, when tuition fees will be introduced. And if at all.

Admission tests === === At most private colleges are not held entrance examinations, but some are held at least motivational interviewing. Sometimes, however, take into account the current study results, absolved courses and other skills or experience related to the chosen field. The public universities are becoming more and more to promote the adoption of a system based on the results of the „National Comparative Test“:…ik/heslo/nsz (NSZ) of Scio, or „TSP“: http: / / reklama.vysokes­ / academic / dictionary / password / TSP. At some schools, however, you encounter NSZ combination with additional, predominantly practical entrance exam. Many schools, however, has a system of tests and they still refuse to place their own entrance exams.

=== How to choose

The fundamental differences between private and public, or state universities can find more information in the „this article“:…ysokou-skolu. A few tips on what criteria to choose the „right high, you can find“ here „:…ou-vysokou-2 or the“ here " :…obor-ale-jak.

The official rankings of universities do not yet exist

A comprehensive and systematic ranking of universities (similar to those which are „foreign“:…itanie-a-usa), unfortunately no. At least partial evaluation of some high school or provide at least part of the site „Accreditation Board“:…ch-skol.html appointed by the Government of the Czech Republic. Another, more complex charts this time each year, bringing some of the media, which is often created in collaboration with experts and agencies involved in marketing and sociological research.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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