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Finalists of Miss Academia CR 2011 are chosen! Added:20.1. 2011
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Finalists of Miss Academia CR 2011 are chosen!

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Soutěţ Miss Academia 2011 CR knows his finalists. Of the 320 higher education students enrolled on January castings held in Prague and Brno, fought its way into the top ten finals. Gala ceremony at the limit is not renowned fifteenth MISS ACADEMIA is on 29 March 2011 in Zlin Congress Centre.

The castings met eight dozen girls, in which all had the task to overcome knowledge and IQ test, an interview with a jury and not least in a swimsuit promenade. The participants were judged competitions not only beauty but also intelligence. "If she successfully completed a knowledge and IQ tests, had a great chance to poustoupit finals. Scoring in the final test was the sum of the greatest weight, "said Ondrej Kalvach MANAGER project. The praţském semifinals, held at the Hilton Prague, the jury sat MANAGER Project MISS ACADEMIA ČR 2011 Ondrej Kalvach, reigning MISS ACADEMIA ČR 2010 Kubáčková Catherine, editor of student magazine Student Adam boiler and Partner Kamil lawn.

Brno hosted the semifinals at the Faculty of Mechanical inţenýrství BUT, where the jury met in Prague as well as Catherine and Kamil Kubáčková lawn. Instead Andrew Kalvach sat second major project MANAGER Mark Klos. The fourth juror became Project MANAGER student magazine Student Peter Kubicek, which shed light on what he thinks about the project: „MISS ACADEMIA tries ut inherently prove that beauty and intelligence can exist in perfect symbiosis. This project is doing well to combine together the other aspects. And so that is a student event, which has a good reputation and is able to drţet professional status. “

After the announcement of the Brno semifinal competitions organizers compared the resulting points of all twenty-moving, chose the final top ten. She will compete in March in the fight for the title of MISS ACADEMIA ČR 2011th

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From Prague semifinals:

  • Aneta Dvorakova – Czech Technical University in Prague, 21 years Velvary
  • Catherine Kolomazníková – Charles University in Prague, 22 years, Prague
  • Vera Nagy – Czech Technical University in Prague 22, Prague
  • Sarka Sokolová – Police Academy in Prague 21, Prague
  • Barbara Škodová – Charles University in Prague, 22 years old Olomouc

[Br.jpg * *]

From Brno semifinals:

  • Margaret Birch – Technical University of Ostrava, 21 years old Ostrava
  • Pavlina Kadlecová – Comenius University in Prague, 20 years of Podivice Vyškova
  • Klara Rouzková – Mendel University in Brno, 19 years Modrice u Brna
  • Veronika Šticová – Tomas Bata University in Zlín, 21 years, Uherský Brod
  • Nikola Vavříčková – Palacky University in Olomouc, 20 years, Rosice u Brna

For ten finals at the end of January prepared one of the initial concentration. „The weekend focus on angelic beautiful and devilishly clever ladies waiting for a challenging program in the form of shooting interviews, photographing materials and participation in designing clothes, which will then perform at a gala evening,“ said Marek Klos MANAGER project.

Looking for miss, which is (with) mind.

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Competition MISS ACADEMIA ČR organized this year already after 15 students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín in the subject Communication Agency. Reaching all students of universities and colleges from all over the Czech Republic. Its beginning dates back to 1997 already, when the national team ball in Zlín Faculty of Technology selected favorite student. Since then soutěţ undergone many changes, but its message remains the same. We do not seek artificial ideals of our time, but the girl who reveals that the true meaning of the word beauty is mainly grace, charm and intelligence. For more information, visit or on Facebook.

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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