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Opening ceremony - in the lead role of p. .. Added:20.1. 2011
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Opening ceremony - in the lead role of p. ..

Press news

Cinema Mundi Festival starts its second year 2nd March 2011 at a gala program Freedom Square. The following evening at the Great kindergarten program will soon double events. Dinner will be accompanied by an excellent audience Czech actor, improviser, director, moderator, librettist and writer in one person, Mr. Jaroslav Dusek.

In the Czech exclusive preview, we will Anglo-Australian film KINGS SPEECH (The King's Speech), directed by Tom Hooper. Historical drama deals with the circumstances taking King George VI. to the British throne. The film has won dozens of awards (among other things, the best British independent film, 7 Golden Globe nominations) and is one of the big favorites this year Oscar award.

In the second hall of the Palace Cinemas is the presence of the director Jiri Menzel and the film delegation held screenings of the legendary Czech film Closely Watched Trains. The film, which celebrates its 45th Anniversary, became the order of the second film, which brought Czechoslovakia prestigious Oscar awards, the American Film Academy Award for best Foreign Language Film.

FILM STARS Shine BRNO SKY We currently have approximately 50 films definitely major film and additional sections are still in negotiations. Many of them will be in Brno, Czech premiere of his. Among the titles that are no longer spectators now enjoy, you'll find the pinnacle of the season last film: for example, the image A BETTER WORLD (In a Better World) by internationally acclaimed Danish director Susanne Bier, French philosophical drama about God AND PEOPLE (Des Hommes et des dieux) novelty Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu BIUTIFUL, a dazzling debut Austrian director Feo Aladag stranger (Die Fremde) or another festival hit from Romania IF I WANT YOU SO beeps (eu vreau candy is fluier, fluier).

Movies main stage will be organized into territorial units according to their geographical jurisdiction. Each festival day will be devoted to just one of those territories. Distribution of the main program section CINEMA MUNDI 2011

Thursday, the 3rd March: Central and Eastern Europe Friday, the 4th March: America Saturday, the 5th March: Western Europe Sunday, the 6th March: South and East Asia Australia + Monday, the 7th March: Southern Europe Tuesday, the 8th March: Central and West Asia and Africa Wednesday, the 9th March: Northern Europe

The final program will be published at the next press conference.

GUESTS CINEMA MUNDI 2011 Festival staff is currently negotiating with a number of Czech and foreign actors and directors.

His participation in the Czech guests confirmed so far: Bolek Polivka Jaroslav Dusek Menzel NADA Attridge VACLAV Neckar JITKA Zelenohorská GEORGE SOMMER Jaromír Šofr

Foreign guests: Hilde Hidalgo – Costa Rican director, who will present the festival audience to its debut film about love and other běsech. It is a successful adaptation of the novel by the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with whom the director has seen international response.

The final list of Czech and foreign guests, including the days when the festival attended, published on the next press conference. Preliminarily, we expect approximately 20 to 30 with domestic and foreign guests.

CZECH TV and Cinema MUNDI for children and youth Thursday will be devoted to Czech Television that the festival Cinema MUNDI concluded a a collaboration. Day Czech public television may recall the anniversary of the fifty years since its inception Brno Studies. Throughout the day, will be in specially designated the Great Hall of kindergarten FREE screening of successful shows and movies (not only) Brno studies involving also their creators.

From the start as scheduled Thursday morning, school screenings, which will be held in weekdays throughout the festival. Program for elementary school entrance is free composed of blocks of Czech Television programs, which are characterized by overlapping educational. Pupils at secondary different schools in the morning program at a reduced admission fee to attend the selected films from main festival cycle. Some of them organized by students of Masaryk University special workshops, coinciding with socially important topics of each slide.

OPENING TICKETS pre-sale tickets Ticket prices for CINEMA MUNDI 2011 Individual fee – 99 – Student fee – 79 – Festival Pass (4 +1 Free) – 396 CZK, Student Festival Pass (4 +1 Free) – 316 CZK

Internet presale Festival Pass will be launched on Tuesday 1 FEBRUARY Tickets individual performances can be purchased and picked up the box office PALACE CINEMAS Big Chap in the second half of February. The exact date will be duly information.


Last year CINEMA MUNDI commemorate the eighth February at 19:30 at the hall of one of Bakala successful Films, Indian film director Paresh Mokashi. Image FACTORY HARIŠANDA (Harishchandrachi Factory) was established according to the actual story pioneer of Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke. Screening is also an invitation to This year's Cinema Mundi. Admission for spectators is 70Kč for film club members Masaryk University students then 30Kč.

Thank you for your support and interest and we look forward to seeing you at the next press conference and Festival .. Media Accreditation Form is available on / PROMEDIA Media Partners:

Partners and collaborating institutions:

Patronage of the 2nd Cinema International Film Festival took MUNDI: Ing. Petr Necas, the Prime Minister Ing. Jankovsky Kamil, Minister for Regional Development in CR Mgr. Michal Hasek, South Moravian Region Bc Roman Onderka, MBA, Mayor of Brno prof. Mgr. Petr Fiala, Ph.D., LL.M., Rector of Masaryk University prof. Mgr. Josef Krob, CSc., Dean of the Faculty of Arts The Ministry of Culture

SMALL WAY TO THE WORLD TOUR (author: George Mensik) OSCAR – the highest award in the film world. Statue generally measured 34.5 cm and weighs 3.85 kg.

The base is 7.5 cm tall. Sculpture created custom designer Cedric Gibbons Academy and the sculptor George Stanley. Oscar was originally made of gilded bronze with a low plinth, which was made of black marble, the first award took place on 16 May 1929. Thus began the story most prestigious film awards, the story of an amazing film projects and biggest stars, the who wrote his chapter in the Czech film school. Between 1943 – 1945 were statuettes lack of metal made of plaster. Since 1946's Oscar current form and is produced in Britain, gold tin alloy, the base is metal. Old statues are now rare collectors' items (may sell only those manufactured before 1949) before several years ago was auctioned off statue of Clark Gable in 1934, for which Steven Spielberg pay more than U.S. $ 700,000 – and returned it back to the Academy. It is interesting that another statue of 1934, is included in private collections in the Czech Republic.

It was so … it was a little after eight o'clock in the evening on the 24th March 1949, and The Hollywood Academy Theatre just climaxed 21st Oscar finals. Among the winners in the category of special prices i was eleven Czech Ivan Jandl, who was awarded a small statue of a great role in Swiss-American film, The Search, which aired in the U.S. under the name stamped. Ivan Jandl became the first from Bohemia in the unforgiving arena of Oscar lifted Battalion small country in big puddles. A total of 16 years, then waited for another Czech film enchant triumph. There was a great sixties and has come a new generation for Film. But he ordered an attack earlier Tandem mature years, Jan Kadar, Elmar Klos, who made a great film The Shop on Main Street. Oscar took the jury so that it in 38th Oscar-winning year in 1966 awarded gold statuette. It was another victory for the Czech paint, first in the category of best foreign film. Followed by a sharp rise of a new wave of Czech. In 1965, Milos Forman, turning love story Love Blonde, a film was nominated a year later. The vitality of hatchery 60th film years, but starts another promising name. Jiri Menzel spins his first big hit, Closely Watched Trains, a film which promote the 40th anniversary year and in 1968 obtained an Oscar. A year later, Milos Forman once again attacking the Oscar-winning opus Olympus with the Fire Firemen's Ball, which again gets the nomination, in his time, raised a number of contemporary controversies and a nostalgic memory of Forman's last Czech film.

Now is the time dark and sad after a long pause to enforce the Oscar nominations in 1986 Jiri Menzel and the film Svěrák Ian Little Village. At that time, no end in FAMU studio talent next generation of directorial John Vise. First, we tested the Oscar-winning landscape Ropáky student, his debut Elementary School, scored his first nomination in „adult“ category. In 1996, audiences in the U.S. promoting the film Kolya, who earns Oscar. In a huge and internationally mixed competition and managed to dominate some of the Czech makers, who regularly hosted in the foreign film crews. In particular, in collaboration Milos Forman with some managed to climb up to the Oscar meta. For large pools obtained in 1976 by Milos Forman, Oscar for Best Director for his film One Flew phenomenal Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which won a total of 5 Oscars. Even greater success record in 1984 in the film Amadeus, which receives eight statuettes: Artist Theodor won an Oscar for costumes, arch decorations for Charles Black, Miroslav Ondricek, despite all my expectations nomination not materialize, but it will compensate all British Film Academy and are valued BAFTA prize for best cinematography.

After 2000, the movie gets an Oscar nomination for John Hřebejk We Fall, and two Zelary years later, the film directed by Ondrej Trojan.

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