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At the Prague Quadrennial Scenofest won the world's leading artists - they invite students to their workshops Added:20.1. 2011
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At the Prague Quadrennial Scenofest won the world's leading artists - they invite students to their workshops

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Prague, 19 1st 2011 – Environmental Design from the Chinese opera stage rendition of the theme from the memories of the most sophisticated lighting design in contemporary productions, the puppets in the 21 century the theme of public space as a backdrop for performances …

** One of the pillars of the program's largest international exhibition of scenography and theater architecture Prague Quadrennial (PQ) – Scenofest – published a list of workshops that will be the 16th to 26 place in June in the Czech capital. The courses can be written from the past weekend, and registration will take place only in mid-February. You can choose a total of 52 workshops, which attracted more than 1,000 students. The center will become Scenofest Prague Theatre Academy of Performing Arts (Academy of Performing Arts) .**

** „The workshop leaders are truly exceptional personalities from around the world,“ says Daniel Pařízková, executive director of the PQ. "For students it will be the exclusive meeting, because many of the leading workshops with the educational activities typically do not pay. Moreover, they often will be the topics and disciplines outside the university curriculum. " The trainers attractive names such as British puppeteer Julian Crouch, the duo lighting designers from Brazil, Vera Hamburger and Raimo Benedetti, or globally recognized designer Erich Wonder. A complete list of workshops and registration information, visitors can find on the web .**

In a flurry of programming the Prague Quadrennial 2011, ** ** Scenofest unambiguous definition. It is an educational project for students, which should go down in June in Prague in 2000 from around the world. Scenofest is organizing jointly with international organizations PQ Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians – OISTAT and traditionally one of the very popular among both students and visitors to the PQ. Projects and demonstrations resulting in Scenofest are in fact presented to the public.

This time the Scenofest Prague residents and visitors meet for example, through extensive site-specific project **. ** Six meetings International student teams will try authentic interiors and exteriors of Prague to bring the stories associated with certain places. The Czech Republic will be among the six supervisors pedagogical supervision Tomas Zizka.

Dozens of other performances and installations in the direction of art schools around the world will take place under the name ** ** Street stories on the square in Prague. Slightly different programming projects will be ready for ** ** DISK Stories by students closer to home stage in Prague Academy of Performing Arts. „Even where Scenofest will be on display, illustrating the expansion of the Prague Quadrennial of theater to the streets – from professionals to the audience and people in pursuit of contemporary art and technology,“ adds Daniel Pařízková.

The young authors from universities and professional schools around the world are turning another part of the PQ – Student Section ** **. At this year's Quadrennial will be a public exhibition featuring all the arts connected with the stage design: scene, costume, light, sound and theater architecture, but also other disciplines related to other arts and cultural phenomena. Student Section, together with the Section of countries and regions and sections extreme outfit located in the Exhibition Palace.

Just Fair Palace National Gallery between 16 and 26 June becomes the heart of the Prague Quadrennial. In its premises and its surroundings will be the center PQ – the largest international exhibition of contemporary theater, stage design and theater architecture, but also design, fashion and costumes, or other fields related to theater. The international show will offer a number of performances throughout Prague, exhibitions and other attractive programs for professionals and the general audience, including children. More on

** For more information about the Prague Quadrennial **: Section of countries and regions –…regionu.html Student Section –…-sekcee.html Architectural Section –…a-sekce.html Extreme dress –…-kostym.html Intersection – Scenofest – Light and sound –…-a-zvuk.html PQ + – PQ children –…tem2011.html Jury PQ –…orota11.html Current challenges for an artist – How to participate PQ –…astnit-.html

The Prague Quadrennial is organized by the Ministry of Culture and implements Arts Institute – Theatre Institute.

The project is organized under the auspices of Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The project was supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union. Supported by: Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Czech-German Fund for the Future Partners: National Theatre, New Stage Scenofest supported by: Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan, Cetta Scenofest Partner: Academy of Performing Arts Main media partner: Czech Television Media partners: Czech Radio, American Theatre, Art + Antiques, Era 21, Flash Art, Mouvement, Architect, Radio 1, E-Architect,

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