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New multimedia degree course in economic practice Added:20.1. 2011
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New multimedia degree course in economic practice

Press news

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics in Prague opens a new field of study Multimedia in economic practice, which will be studied from September of the academic year 2011/2012. In the first year 60 students will be accepted.

This number is based on the intention to offer students a personal approach and implement teaching mainly in the practical level. Teaching will focus on understanding the meaning of multimedia in the modern world and their practical work.

Graduates gain a balanced combination of specific creative-media skills with clear economic education. Students receive teaching classical economic and related fields such as economics, law, accounting, management, marketing and business economics. The industry study profiling the production chain, purposes and procedures of various multimedia elements such as digital photography, computer graphics, digital video, audio or web design. Graduate will become a multimedia expert with knowledge of the economic process and the functioning of the organization. Can find opportunities in advertising agencies, graphic studios, production companies, marketing departments and as an expert authority in any organization that uses multimedia.

Branch will be studying full-time in the bachelor type of study. His teaching will realize Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory (, which is part of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

Branch at each other trying to highlight campaign titled „Creative Einstein,“ which created their own teachers and supporters of the industry. Its attraction is that in her future work by the teachers directly. The campaign's com­mercials and microsite, where among other key teachers of the new field with exaggeration introduced. The creative campaign concept is based on the fact that the new branch is looking for candidates who are both creatively gifted, so smart. After the world go young Einstein, who is the epitome of a „model candidate.“ It is twenty years old young man with the face of Einstein, who is interested in cultural and political events, attending various social and cultural events, and also like to shoot movies. About all the experiences he writes on his Facebook profile. It means people have to know what students study and looking for what may be their potential classmates. With that Einstein can chat or meet him and find out why the report was to study Multimedia in economic practice.

Microsite: Promo Spot: Profile of a young Einstein can be found on Facebook under the name „Creative Einstein.“

More information about the field Ing. Libor Krsek email: @ libor.krsek or tel: +420 224 095 870

More information about the campaign Ing. Martin Lisy email: tel: +420 776 122

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