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What was the open day at the University of South Bohemia 21/01/2011 Added:21.1. 2011
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What was the open day at the University of South Bohemia 21/01/2011

Press news

In the Friday, the 21st January 2011 to all parts of the South Bohemian University Open Day was held. Traditionally made available to classrooms, laboratories and specialized work, which takes place during college tuition.

** According to preliminary results of this year came to see the university to 4 000 learners. A special program to prepare for this day all parts of the University of South Bohemia – eight faculties located in the Czech Budejovice (Economics, Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection, Faculty of Education, Science, Theology, Social Health, Agriculture) and the Institute of Physical Biology JU in Hrady. More accurate statistics will be published on Monday .**

Those interested in learning from the public could see during the day the individual faculty (and Institute), including lecture halls, professional offices and laboratories. They were familiar with the range of fields of study (and newly accredited), obtain information on the conditions of admission. There should also, inter alia, the application form and information materials on study options. Some work has prepared some basic information blocks also attractive program, which included the screening of films with professional issues (Science and ZSF), exhibition of photographs of the Five P (ZSF), discussions with current students of the university. Visitors can also view the operation of the School farm in South Bohemia area, breeding aquarium fish, etc. Presentation of the Institute of Physical Biology was held at the headquarters of the institute in New Castle (tour laboratories, classrooms and specialized bioinkubátoru).

All detailed information was published on the website of the respective faculties and the Institute and the University website

Interest in the fields was quite evenly divided, with great interest also enjoyed presentations at professional workplaces, screened films with themes odb and exhibitions. Which fields was more interested in individual faculties:

• Faculty of Economics: Trade and business management and economics, • Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection: Fisheries, • Faculty of Arts: History, Bohemistic field, English Language and Literature, • Faculty: Teaching kindergarten, Psychology • Science: biological sciences (Biology), Science and Chemistry, Faculty of Theology: Social and charitable work, Educator leisure • Health and Social Science: Physiotherapy, General Nursing, Midwifery, Special Education, • Faculty of Agriculture: Land Consolidation and Real Estate, Animal Breeding, Agriculture and Biology and the protection of organisms of interest.

H. Bumbová, University of South Bohemia

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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