Study Human Rights in Venice Added:30.1. 2011
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Study Human Rights in Venice

Magisterší doktorandští and students who have gathered during their study at least 240 credits and can speak English will have the opportunity to attend a one-year course on Human Rights ** European Masters in Human Rights and democratization (E. MA **).

Studies carried out in collaboration more than forty universities in Europe and is divided into two semesters. The first part of study, students spend in Venice, then a second one of the participating universities. These include, inter Masaryk University, for example, the prestigious University of Leuven, Utrecht, Copenhagen, Graz, Dublin, Padua, Bilbao and Uppsala. Tuition in the field of academics, experts and representatives of international and non-profit organizations. Graduates may apply particularly in international organizations, public administration or in the academic sphere.

Log in is possible until 20 ** March 2011 **. The tuition fee is 4000 EUR and in addition a registration fee of 130 EUR, a limited number of students receiving a partial scholarship.

For more information, visit the website or contact Hubert Smekal, E. MA Assistant Director for the Czech Republic, e-mail address

** Source: ** „International Political Science of Masaryk University“:…-v-benatkach, „the official website of the project“: http://www. emahumanrights­.org /

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