Graduation practice tests free of charge from March Added:28.1. 2011
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Graduation practice tests free of charge from March

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports intends to provide free materials for future graduates with their graduation diploma training. Schools will receive is protected under the first approach ** ** March 2011, followed by 22nd ** ** March 2011 will be published on the website Cermatu „www.novamatu­“:

Schools and students can get both the available tests and written work of the compulsory subjects, namely the Czech language, mathematics and foreign languages.

„I believe it will help graduates with their graduation in their training and will have a positive impact on their results during hard standing graduation,“ said Education Minister Josef Dobes. The Ministry and its distancing from the words of all offers of commercial companies, institutions representing the state graduation tests, and offered for a fee. The toll rates, however, has not yet provided a server too much interest.

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