Scenofest - creative workshop of the world's artists Added:26.1. 2011
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Scenofest - creative workshop of the world's artists

Students who are interested in lighting design, digital media, design, sound design, costumes, puppetry, stage design, installation, theater technology, have the opportunity to broaden my horizons by meeting with international filmmakers. Scenofest published a list of workshops that will be from 16 to 26 held in Prague in June. The courses can be written only in mid-February ** **. You can choose from a total of 52 workshops **. ** For students, it will be the exclusive meeting, many of the leading workshops, educational activities typically do not pay, often goes on topics and disciplines outside the university curriculum. Scenofest center becomes the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts (Academy of Performing Arts). List of workshops in English, see ‚here‘:…d-workshops/.

Education Project ** ** Scenofest is a large section of the festival, the Prague Quadrennial, which is designed for students of art schools. His idea is to get people kreatitvních. With workshops and lectures will be able to collaborate with leading experts in the field and create joint projects. More information is available on the „pages“: project.

** ** The Prague Quadrennial is the largest international exhibition of contemporary theater, set design and theater architecture, design, fashion, costumes and other fields related to theater. Organised by the Ministry of Culture and realized Arts Institute – Theatre Institute. The project is organized under the auspices of Czech President Vaclav Klaus. International Festival offers a number of performances throughout Prague, exhibitions and other attractive programs for professionals and the general audience, including children. More on „“:

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