Last year was the most popular high school Masaryk University Added:24.1. 2011
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Last year was the most popular high school Masaryk University

Popular newspapers published their statistics last year and the number of applicants accepted at Czech universities. Of those that most interest was the last of the Masaryk University – reported to her more than 51 000 candidates. The second most popular Charles University is reported just over 46 000 candidates for the third Palacky University around 26 thousand.

The rankings are also mentioned schools and faculties, which is the hardest to succeed in entrance examination. First screens traditionally occupy Academy of Arts and faculty who take only a few candidates based on aptitude tests difficult. Among inartistic oriented faculties is the hardest to succeed in the quest to become the second student Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava and the Law Faculty of Masaryk University.

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