The Special Branch: Statistics and Data Analysis Added:26.1. 2011
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The Special Branch: Statistics and Data Analysis

„Statistics are boring, but has valuable information …“ Zdenek Vice sing with Jaroslav Uhlir. With that boredom but have not quite right. Indeed, thanks to the statistics we have the tools to scientifically predict the future. Who realm of numbers and probabilities not panic, it may specialize in on-campus.

Statistical analysis is included in many scientific disciplines using public data, we are dealing with it not only mathematicians but also scientists from other natural, and social sciences. Therefore, the application of a broad knowledge of statistics. How and where, therefore, studied statistics and why the study can be paid?

** ** The content of study

Mathematical analysis, linear algebra, mathematical computing systems, database systems, probability, … It's all in the center of interest statisticians. Students will learn basic mathematical and statistical methods are needed for solving specific problems of practice. They will get an overview of basic mathematical and statistical and informatics disciplines used in the analysis and processing of mass data. The study by equipping them with basic skills needed for statistical analysis and computer processing of data files that are needed in various areas of human activity.

** Admission **

Admission is based on the school, which opens the field. In the case of Masaryk University, the candidates will be selected according to test results of study assumptions. Palacky University accept candidates without the entrance (for details, „here“:…011_2012.pdf). If more candidates than the capacity of the school permits, written admissions. The School of Economics decided the outcome of General study strictly ruled out, however, the school waives the examination, who had the last three years average of math and English courses than 2.00 or successfully completed the Olympics or professional school scientific activity (more „here“: http: / / /).

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  • The die is cast. What is the probability that all fit the same number? *

** Subjects **

The main attention is devoted to mathematics, probability and statistics, modeling and use of statistical knowledge in practice. And of course, work with specialized software. The mix of subjects taught in a particular field you can see the links in the paragraph below.

** ** Graduate Profile

Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge of statistical analysis in various fields. In cooperation with specialists from other disciplines can contribute to solving specific practical problems. Specifically, it can be applied as workers in the state statistical service, specialists in research and forecasts, and security experts to evaluate sociological research, in the case of economics as applied to software users and experts for the use of statistical and econometric techniques in working with economic data.

** How to study this field? **

  • Bachelor (three years): *
  • MA degree (five years): *

University of Economics offers a Master Program Statistical-premium engineering and doctoral degree in „Statistics“:…ske-studium/.

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