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Open Day at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Engineering of VSB-TUO. Added:25.1. 2011
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Open Day at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Engineering of VSB-TUO.

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On Thursday 27 January 2011 at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava held Open Day, which is designed especially for all prospective students at the faculty. FMME VSB-TU Ostrava, are here presented as a modern university institution with a new structure of study programs and internationally recognized research activities.

Opening of the Open Day will be held at 9.00 pm in lecture hall C1 complex VSB-TUO Ostrava-Poruba. Applicants for study at this faculty are not only gain basic information about the faculty, but also offer degree programs and fields. Throughout the morning you will be able to see the particular departments, where they learn the detailed study of individual disciplines, but also the possibilities of study abroad, or even the possible involvement of students in specific research projects. Finally, become familiar with instrumentation, which have faculty available. New candidates for the study of a new field of study for undergraduate studies, and „Materials and technologies for the automotive industry“ in the program of „Material Engineering“.

„Although the end of April there is still enough time, it is preferable to the application of our faculty to complete and submit during January or February“, says Vice-Dean for Study Jaroslav Sojka.

Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Engineering of VSB-TUO adopted in academic year 2011/2012 up to 900 students in bachelor's degree programs and a maximum of 400 students in degree programs, master's degree. The graduates find employment in a wide range of industrial enterprises in design, research, development and administrative institutions.

Those interested in studying the FMME may submit the application form by 30 April 2011 (first round), both electronically and in writing, to Student Services. For more information on the link faculty.

Mgr. Tana Kantorková External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorkova

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