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Workshop Film School in Pisek FAMO - Small Theatre Metropol 27th CD 1st 2011 Czech Budejovice Added:25.1. 2011
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Workshop Film School in Pisek FAMO - Small Theatre Metropol 27th CD 1st 2011 Czech Budejovice

Press news

Workshop Film School in Pisek FAMO be held January 27, 2011 at the Metropol House of Culture in the Czech Budejovice, in the small space scene. As the main guest of this momentous day, the teacher of film school FAMO FABrabec, cameraman and director of films such as Elementary School, Flowers, Bathory, Kajínek, Flowers, Bolero, May, and last but not least the author of the first Czech 3D musical fairy tale in peřinách, which still awaits its premiered in March 2011.

9:00 Introduction

9:15 Mgr. Michal Sup – Department of Study Topic: General information about study requirements for the admission process, running the school, etc.

9:30 BcA. Vitezslav Ureš – animated film

Topic: From the classic animated film postproduction

  • Types of animation (pencil, pad, 3D and related post-production)
  • Manufacturing process technology under
  • Equipment and facilities to FAMO
  • Demonstration of techniques for animated films FAMO

10:15 BcA. Thomas Vitha: Sound

Topic: Audio (only) in the film

  • What is the film's sound and what constitutes
  • How to contact sound recording
  • What happens in post-
  • Record music

11:00 FABrabec – Study CAMERA, head of the studio (Cameraman films as Elementary School, Flowers, Bathory, Kajínek and others)

Topic: The image of humanity as a magic

  • His time – painting
  • Photos
  • The movie
  • Television
  • The camera as a means of expression
  • New Image Technologies (3D)

Throughout the workshop will preview technology ARRI The German company that manufactures cameras, lights, motion technique, scanners, lasers ARRI. Also operates post-production, film laboratories and others.

12:30 Conclusion

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