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Sun-Powered Program Added:25.1. 2011
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Sun-Powered Program

Press news

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava Powered Program is organized by the Sun. Project information transfer in the use of renewable energy and high school students nationwide competition and the general public for the fastest solar-powered robot, photovoltaic cells and a robot with minimum energy a hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

Sun-Powered program has a tradition since 2001. Since the beginning undergone seminars, practical training and competition more than 900 competing teams (more than 5,000 students) from among high school students and the general engineering community. The uniqueness of the long-term program Powered Sun lies in its work directed to the sophistication of theory and practical implementation of devices working with photovoltaic solar cells and hydrogen fuel cells. Preparation and implementation of the Programme is very time consuming and financially demanding. However, it has great resonance among the public only in the Czech Republic but also abroad (Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, Iceland, Latvia, Jordan). In recent years, the implementation of the Programme Team Powered Sun participated in organizing the competition in Jordan Powered Sun of Lithuania and Iceland. The competition was promoted and the Slovak Republic, Košice is sponsored this year and is attended by contestants from Slovakia.

Competition Day was scheduled for January 25, 2011. The competitions were 137 teams entered in both main categories. For participants of the competition was organized promotional competition "Design a poster for the electric and electromobility. Exhibition was organized competition vehicle for the Shell Eco Marathon – HydrogenIX was introduced electric KAIPAN Voltage was organized an exhibition soccer team of robots. Students will be able to play real soccer robots against computer-controlled robotic soccer players. Stable long-term participation and the results confirm that the program is sustainable Powered Sun, informing and motivating the younger generation for further study and practical use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

** Objectives: **

Activate the interest of high school, university students and the general public on issues of renewable and alternative energy sources.

Active preparation for competition, the form of training to familiarize secondary school teachers, head of school activities of children and youth, and others interested in the issue of renewable energy so that it can use their knowledge as well as in vedení children and youth in the design, construction and operation of small electromechanical mobile prostředku powered by solar photovoltaic / fuel cell-competitive Powered Sun.

Activate the interest of high school, university students and the general public about what is happening at universities and study technical subjects universities. Improve teacher-student communication.

Extend collaboration with universities outside the commercial sector in the areas of renewable energy sources and their applications, and actively cooperate in the preparation and implementation of laboratory kits electromechanical systems – robots that will be mandatorily registered secondary schools or other entities (DDM, SMT, etc.) free of charge (as contract) is available. To enable and support the implementation of construction and assembly study of texts, in a separate preparation for competition at a college or training during the summer school organized to familiarize students, teachers and the general public to renewable energy and related issues, photovoltaic systems, solar, hydrogen fuel cells, applied physical principles, the basic principles of mechanics, electromechanics, kinematics, electrical, electronics, assembly, etc.

Organizations nationwide contest to allow an interesting game by comparing the level of knowledge and skills, to compare activities, design, construction and organizational skills of project participants.

Extend the scope of the Organization Program Powered by the Sun, other European countries.

** Realized program features: **

• Invitation to tender Powered Sun high schools. • Pre-construction „Sun poskakovač“ and „hydrogen rider“ accompanying textbooks and training courses, summer schools and competitions. • Open Day with presentations on renewable and alternative energy sources and delivery kits. • Preparation and implementation of practical seminars and workshops for teachers and people interested in the issue of renewable energy sources. • Contest Powered Sun.

** The preparation and implementation in 2011 to actively participate **

** ** VSB-TUO

Phobos Ltd ** ** Frenstat Radhostem Schott Solar Ltd. ** ** Meziříčí Solartec Ltd. ** ** Roznov Radhoštěm

** Competition in 2011, supported by the ESF OP Education for Competitiveness MOST TECH č.CZ.1.07./1.1­.07/02.0100 **

** Contact and information: **

Jarmila Smějová

** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava **

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of Measurement and Control Engineering November 17, 1915 708 00 Ostrava – Poruba Tel.: 59–732–3124 Fax.: 59–732–3138 E-Mail: @ jarmila.smejova,

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