Six new fields at the University of South Bohemia Added:4.2. 2011
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Six new fields at the University of South Bohemia

University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice opens this year, six new ** ** fields of study to which you have already submitted applications. Five courses prepared and a Faculty of Science.

Faculty open the following disciplines: ** educators with a focus on health education ** (following non-teaching master's degree, which can be studied both full), ** Physics – Technical Education ** (following master's degree in teaching, combined studies) * * Physics – Science ** (inspired teaching a master's degree, full-time) ** theory ** of education in mathematics (PhD, full-time and combined) and ** ** Education in Biology (Doctor, full-and part-time). Science opens new Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics ** **.

Currently preparing for the accreditation of other new disciplines such as protection of water, Theology and Health and a social worker. Detailed information on courses visit the websites of individual faculties.

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