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"At every lecture I look forward to" a student of the University of the Third Age Added:4.2. 2011
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"At every lecture I look forward to" a student of the University of the Third Age

Not only in twenty can be studied. This demonstrates the pensioner Pokorna Eve, who in an interview presents his studies at the University of the Third Age of Masaryk University.

  • Mrs. Pokorna 63letá is a retired mathematician. Already the second year of regularly sits in the auditorium of the Masaryk University. And there sat down to taste, which can make it the envy of many students .*

** Lots of young people in the Third Age University, knows a lot. How does this work? **

Studying a basic course, which has two years and runs year round. Once a fortnight is a two-hour lecture on a topic. Thematic alternate cycles for each lecture are teachers from different faculties and departments of the university. I have the opportunity to meet with the cross-section of all possible fields of study at Masaryk University. In addition to the basic university course offers more optional lectures in which students can register and pay extra for them. Their price, however, fortunately, is not great, at least in comparison with experiences they bring.

** It looks like when you listen to older professors, not young? **

The lectures meet us at around two hundred students, is a busy classroom. And everyone is sitting quietly, some take notes, some just listen. At the end, while also being discussed. At lower feed rates comes less students for the less popular and fifteen people.

** You are preparing for talks in advance? **

I admit that I did not. Most materials get on to the site.

** Ordinary students can not imagine learning without writing seminar papers, tests and most final state exam. As is the case with the University of the Third Age? **

During the semester there is no need to specially prepare something, do not write any essay or term paper, not tested. It is entirely up to us how much we want to take lessons. And to pass through their participation, do not take any test.

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  • New acquaintances and friends, expanding horizons, the opportunity to actively spend your time – these are the most positive aspects of the University of the Third Age .*

** Do you have any feedback? **

Can speakers during lectures to discuss. And smaller, practically-based courses consult their creations, such as in the course of photography. We brought our photography teacher and he told us what they were and Nice at what would be next to improve. With some classmates continue even after the course, we meet in a coffee shop and show you what we took.

** It leaves you in learning something new? **

Sure, I can actively spend their leisure time. Almost every day I have a lecture, to which is always looking forward. I would say that one expanding horizons, thinking about things, thinking about things they hear and making them more refined view. I studied mathematics and computers around, I moved all my life. Perhaps the longest I've worked in the computer center at a hospital in Bohunice. After the revolution in the private sector and in firms that deal with computer technology. This style of thinking man notes. Now I have a chance to make forays into philosophical, legal or medical fields. I have the opportunity to know what the deal with people at other schools, what they study and what they think, to look into areas that I have not yet been addressed.

** We recommend the study to your friends? **

Wherever I go! It's a great thing, one is able to organize many activities to which he would leap, learn about the people nakoukne into themes, which would have otherwise missed in life. Having attended lectures on forensic medicine, civil law, German and Czech literature, globalization, the European Union. It's all very well-organized. But it's not really a school do not advertise much, the capacity of the courses are already fully booked and some candidates did not get.

** So, education and in old age becomes common? **

I think not yet, though many still regarded with astonishment. This is evidenced by the joke circulating among us. Grandma Graduate University of the Third Age and it's great fame, he invites on his graduation so the whole family. Little grandson comes for a teacher and says: „Miss, please, I could leave early today from teaching? My grandmother has a graduation ceremony. "The teacher at him with understanding smiles and say:“ But I know I do. But remember, the promotions say, but the cremation. "

  • What is a University of the Third Age? *
  • University of the Third Age is a form of adult education, usually after retirement. In all developed countries, thanks to medical advances and increases in living standards extends lifespan and increases the number of active seniors. Now universities are responding to this fact by opening their auditoriums. The first such course was in 1973 in France. Czech version of the University of the Third Age appeared in 1986 at Palacky University in Olomouc. Now education for seniors offered by most Czech universities. Rates are charged, but their price is usually in the order of hundreds per semester. More on this type of education can also be read in „this“:…-kazdem-veku article .*

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