Student Literary Competition Tomorrow we go Added:2.2. 2011
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Student Literary Competition Tomorrow we go

  • During the Communist era had emigrated from Czechoslovakia, voluntarily or involuntarily, more than four hundred thousand people. What were the stories of these people? What were the fates of their families? *

** Students aged 15–20 years ** is determined by a literary competition organized by People in Need and the weekly Respekt, entitled Tomorrow we leave **. ** Essay, interview and report on the topic ** emigration and life in exile ** authors can bring to the location in prize money worth up to CZK 5000 **. **

Entries may have a maximum range of six pages of text and six accompanying photos or images. Sent by e-mail address

The deadline is 7th ** 2nd 2011 **. The competition can register as an individual and a group of students. Announcement of competition results will take place in March 2011 during the 13th International Festival of Documentary Films One World.

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